This Visual Tool Helps Australian Children With Autism And ADHD Complete Tasks

Oct 28, 2020

Online Australian store Happy Hubble has launched Routine and Reward Cards, a set of products designed to encourage children with autism to complete daily tasks with a reward to look forward to upon finishing. The cards provide visual tools outlining what needs to be done, adding clarification that some autistic children need in addition to verbal cues.

It can be difficult for neurotypical people to understand how the brains of people with autism work. When you’re a parent whose child is diagnosed with autism, however, you’re forced to learn a lot about the disorder very quickly. Different children experience a variety of challenges, and therefore a variety of strategies are helpful, especially when it comes to socializing and communication.

Often, verbal communication and social cues aren’t enough when it comes to prompting autistic children to get started on their daily tasks. Visual tools identifying all of the tasks that need to be completed can clarify what needs to be done, and reduce anxiety by helping kids know what’s happening next. If they’re able to visualize rewards, they also have something to look forward to once their chores are completed.

For this reason, Online Australian store Happy Hubble has launched Routine and Reward Cards, a unique set of products that provide colourful visual aid to assist kids with autism or ADHD in identifying and completing routine tasks, with the added incentive of tangible rewards on the reward cards for their achievements.

You can find more about the product at

The newly launched product is part of the therapy store’s inventory of sensory tools and fidget toys for autistic children to help develop their life skills and live better with autism.

Happy Hubble says that children with autism or ADHD often need visual supports to accompany verbal cues, which is why the colourful routine card can be so helpful in accomplishing chores. Kids may become less stressed and more independent when they are able to see what’s coming up next with their routine card.

To complement and encourage using the routine card effectively, it comes with different rewards cards—for example, some sugar or screen time—to celebrate the children’s achievements. The set also comes with a timer, so that kids have another aid to remind them when the timer reward has ended. For example, if children get 20 minutes of screen time, they can set the timer and watch tv or the iPad or there favourite thing. This is perfect for regulating time on electronic devices.

Happy Hubble was founded by Simone Hubble, a mum to three autistic kids. On discovering all three of her young children had autism, she said: “Gone was the dream of the perfect neurotypical young family. I spent my time ferrying children from early intervention to early intervention, researching autism parenting […] and relishing those precious fleeting moments when all three children are happy…

“I’ve gone to great lengths to find the tools I need to survive my life as an autism mum. Eventually I designed my own tools… My tools and ideas have interested our therapists over the years. They have told me time and time again to produce these tools for other parents. So I did, and Happy Hubble was born.”

Simone Hubble created Happy Hubble to help other Australian families in similar situations find the best tools, resources, visual aids and NDIS advice.

The goal is that children will find toys that they love and that benefit them therapeutically, helping them to express themselves and increase their interactions with others.

You can find more information at

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