This Veteran Owned Custom Coin Company Makes the Best Air Force Challenge Coins

Feb 12, 2020

If you’re in the market for a fantastic honorary memento for your family, employees or club members, look no further. We design custom challenge coins for the air force, military, companies and individuals.

If you’re an American veteran or if you have ties to the military, you know how valuable and monumental military challenge coins have been throughout history. 

Originally used to prove membership to a certain military division and to boost morale within the branches, challenge coins have been a key component of the military lifestyle for over a century. 

The first American challenge coins date back to World War 1 before the United States was even involved in the war. When American civilians first volunteered to join the Flying Squadrons they were adorned with metal challenge coins to prove their ties to America. 

To this day, custom-designed coins are a symbol of inclusion and honor. We at Coins for Anything are America’s largest veteran-owned custom coin company. We take pride in designing and minting custom metal coins for the military as well as any other organization that wants to honor its members with an insignia. 

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To date, we have minted over 15 million custom coins among 25,000 designs. We’ve worked with more than 20,000 companies, organizations and individuals to create high-quality mementos.

We started out with the main focus of creating military and air force challenge coins but have since expanded our operations to include other organizations. You don’t have to be a military member to want to show appreciation and honor to your members.

We’re happy to design and mint custom coins for any organization including police, EMT, non-profits, corporations, memorials, firefighters, weddings, families, and any other group, occasion or organization you can think of.

If you want to honor your employees, your family members, or your fellow comrades in whatever cause you deem worthy; we have the perfect memento. We can design custom coins or badges with any imagery, logo or icon you send to us.

If coins and badges aren’t your thing, we also design custom ceramic poker chipsets. These can be kept on display as a keepsake or played with; they are robust enough to be your go-to poker chip set for those weekly poker nights. 

Custom coins are a fantastic collectible item as they are, and they can be even better with a useful utility item like a bottle opener or fridge magnet incorporated. 

If you’re wondering about our legitimacy in the coin making industry, our past clients should tell you just the kind of company we are. We’ve worked with major brands like Coca Cola, Dell, Starbucks, Honda, Delta Airlines and so many more. So, the next time you’re thinking about an honorary gift for your family or organization, visit our website for a free, no-obligation quote. 

Need a custom coin? Challenge accepted.

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