This Startup Support Program Offers An Alternative To Angel Investor Financing

Dec 24, 2022

Got blown off by angel investors? Don’t lose faith. If your idea is worth investing in, IdeaPros can give it wings.

This Startup Support Program Offers An Alternative To Angel Investor Financing

Angel investor groups comprise high-net-worth private investors who pool resources and use them to back early-stage companies. There are now hundreds of such groups in the US, but despite their growing number, the chances of getting money from them if you have nothing to show but a business idea are nil.

This realization is what prompted IdeaPros, a business education provider, to provide an alternative program. The company now offers funding and mentorship support to aspiring startup founders in exchange for a minority position in their venture.

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IdeaPros was conceived to fill a gap in the market for programs that offer training and funding support to prospective entrepreneurs in the idea stage. “Right now, we are the only company that is willing to bet on a concept,” a company spokesperson said.

They explained that getting the backing of angel investors and accelerators entails having a company that is already operational. “This means that one has to show a working product and sales to prove that there’s a market for it. Ideas alone will not cut it.”

However, they also warned that getting the nod of IdeaPros’ advisory team is not easy, as it requires submitting oneself to a rigorous review process that typically lasts for 30 days.

This process begins by submitting your elevator pitch that, when approved, will allow you to submit a formal pitch, which will be prepared with the assistance of a dedicated advisor. The pitch will undergo the review of IdeaPros’ advisory team, who will evaluate both the idea and your potential for heading and growing a company.

The program culminates in a partnership offer, which involves giving IdeaPros a minority stake in your planned venture in exchange for its services. IdeaPros will handle every stage of the launch for you, including product design, manufacturing, branding, and promotion.

To date, IdeaPros has been involved in the creation of over 350 new startups in a variety of industries.

“In six short weeks, IdeaPros has helped us move from an idea on a napkin to a fully developed partnership agreement,” one partner recounted. “We are so grateful that they saw our motivation and have met us with eagerness and professionalism.”

So if you want your product or app idea to be taken seriously, you know who to talk to.

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