This Solar-Powered Car Cooler Needs No Ice | Keep Food Fresh & Dry On Road Trips

Jul 5, 2022

If you love outdoor adventure or RV travels, you can’t go past the innovative solar-powered cooler/freezer known as the Chillest, brought to you by GoSun.

This Solar-Powered Car Cooler Needs No Ice | Keep Food Fresh & Dry On Road Trips

Summer is here, which means it’s time to pack our stuff and hit the great outdoors again. This year might be a little better, though, because the Chillest takes all the hassle of keeping your food cool. Heck, it’s so good, it can even freeze food. Better yet, you get a $200 saving off the normal price if you buy one soon.

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If you love outdoor adventures like RVing, camping, or boating, you will know just how much of a headache it can be trying to keep your food cool and fresh. That’s a thing of the past with the Chillest. GoSun provides you with a versatile and environmentally friendly option that keeps your food cool in any location.

Traditional, generic food coolers have been used for outdoor trips for decades. However, if you’ve ever used one, you’ll know that they need to be topped up with ice every other day. That not only reduces the amount of internal space available but also makes your food soggy and creates a mess. Not so great, right?

The new Chillest cooler solves all these issues. The efficient unit is powerful enough to freeze food, a function that traditional coolers don’t provide. In addition, removing the need to add ice means that all the internal space can now be used, while your food stays fresh and dry.

Of course, the highlight feature of the cooler is its ability to recharge using solar power. A 40-hour battery store means that continuous cooling can be provided through the night or during bad weather. The ability to recharge using 12V or AC also provides you with a convenient backup option. Yep, they’ve really thought of everything. Your adventures won’t be the same ever again!

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About GoSun

Comprising a team of designers, engineers, and innovators, GoSun aims to popularize the use of renewable energy through its range of unique solar-powered appliances. In addition to the Chillest, the selection now extends to camping and sports ovens, portable power generators, water heaters and purifiers, and much more.

CEO and founder Patrick Sherwin recently stated: “GoSun creates innovative products that encourage fun, resilience and independence. Founded in a small suburban garage in Cincinnati, Ohio, we grew quickly thanks to our community of committed customers and shareholders, who not only believe in our products but also use them to bring people together.”

Make your next RV, car, or van trip so much better with the portable cooler/freezer from GoSun.

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