This Simcoe, ON Orthodontist can Advise if Invisalign Treatment is Right For You

Oct 15, 2021

Are you considering clear teeth aligners in or around Simcoe, Ontario? Schacher Orthodontics (844-996-9678) now offers treatment with the popular Invisalign products.

But you shouldn’t take all the sales literature at face value. Clear aligners aren’t suitable for every case, and the practice suggests you book in for a professional assessment before deciding on the best treatment plan.

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Lead orthodontist at the center, Dr. Victor Schacher, has launched the new service out of concern that you might use clear aligners when they really aren’t suitable for you. He wants to ensure that you receive a professional orthodontic assessment before proceeding with any treatment.

Traditional braces involve the fixing of small brackets to your teeth. The brackets are joined by wires, and slowly alter the alignment of your teeth within your mouth. The procedure is usually done for cosmetic purposes, and can take anywhere from 12 to 36 months, depending on the degree of correction you need.

You might think that braces are ugly and you don’t want to have chunks of metal in your mouth for 2 or 3 years. You certainly aren’t alone. The Invisalign devices were designed to address many of these concerns. Consisting of a clear plastic mold that fits over teeth, they are more aesthetically pleasing and, in some cases, can produce results more quickly.

While Dr. Schacher agrees that clear aligners are useful for some patients, the orthodontist stresses that the devices might not be suitable for everyone. Traditional braces cause your teeth to move at a ‘bodily’ level. This means that your teeth will actually move through the bone to their new position.

In comparison, clear aligners ‘tip’ teeth, so while the angle of your teeth might be changed, their actual location within the bone is not. This is not an ideal solution if your teeth need a bigger correction.

If you are considering such treatment, Dr. Schacher suggests you should have a professional, orthodontic assessment to determine if Invisalign is best for you. The service involves taking x-rays and molds of your mouth, which are then studied to determine how much correction your teeth need.

Orthodontists require years of additional study and experience that general dentists do not usually complete. Schacher Orthodontics can provide you with a qualified opinion that ensures you don’t waste your money, and you get the treatment that makes your teeth look great.

Get the best orthodontic corrections for your teeth. Click on so you can learn more about Invisalign and book your professional assessment.

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