This Ramsey, NJ Company Offers Quality German Steel Chef’s Knives & Accessories

Sep 21, 2021

If you enjoy cooking at home, this is the perfect chef’s knife set for you! You can purchase individual knives or a complete set from Gunter Wilhelm. Call the team on 1-201-569-6866 if you have questions or are planning to visit the showroom in Ramsey, NJ.

Are you a professional chef, or do you simply love cooking at home? When was the last time you upgraded your knife set? If you are looking for a high-quality, affordable set, look no further – Gunter Wilhelm has got something for everyone!

A unique feature of the new Gunter Wilhelm chef’s knives range is the fact you can personalize individual knives. It is ideal if you are planning to give a knife or set as a gift. You can add a monogram, name, or logo through laser engraving. In addition, when you purchase an individual knife, a presentation box is included as standard.

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If you love cooking at home, you will be delighted to know many specialist knives are included in the new chef’s range from Gunter Wilhelm. One example is the 8 Inch Chef Knife with Premium ProCut features. It is a versatile knife traditionally favored by French chefs and is ideal for you, whether you are a professional or at-home pro cook.

It features an extra-wide blade to enhance your knuckle clearance and overall ease of use. As with the other products supplied by Gunter Wilhelm, it is made from premium German steel, and goes through a heat treatment process to enhance the hardness and durability of the blade.

You may not be aware, but metals that undergo the CRYO ice-hardening process are stronger and offer wear resistance. This gives you several benefits. The performance of the blade is enhanced, which reduces the need to replace it.

You can also view knife sets here

Included within the knife set range is a 26 Piece Modular Cutlery Set with Black ABS Handles. Two wooden blocks provide a presentation stand for the 26 knives, which range from a 10-inch Chef Knife to a 10-inch Pointed Carving Knife and an 8-Inch Meat Cleaver.

All the knives in the set feature a Triple-Tang handle design, which gives you blade balance, control, and precision. Complementary products also supplied by Gunter Wilhelm include a Sharpening COMBO Whetstone 1000/3000 Grit to help you maintain your blades.

A happy customer wrote: “This is the top end of knives. I am so impressed that I have three sets. I have owned all the finest German and American knife sets until I discovered Gunter Wilhelm. The difference in sharpness and angle of the blade is night and day.”

“They are so beautiful, you will automatically clean them after each use,” they added.

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