This Page Speed Optimization Service Gets Pages Loading Faster Ranking Higher & Making More Sales

Nov 22, 2016

Get higher conversions on your pages, higher Google rankings and faster loading pages by utilizing this leading page optimization service from Olympia SEO.

Olympia SEO have released their page speed optimization service to help Wordpress based sites load faster, improve their Google rankings, improve their performance on mobile phones and devices, reduce bounce rates and increase conversions of visitors to customers or clients. More information is available at The speed a page on a website loads at is a factor that effects both the likelihood of a visitor staying on the site and the site's ranking in the Google search engine. When visitors arrive at a site whether they stay can be profoundly effected by how quickly the content on that page loads for them. Slower loading pages often have a higher “bounce” rate where visitors simply click away because they can't read content that hasn't loaded quickly. In 2010 Google started including page speed in its search engine ranking algorithm rewarding pages that loaded more quickly with higher rankings and penalizing pages that load slowly. The rewards in higher rankings for fast loading pages from Google has increased with its increased emphasis on ensuring sites are mobile friendly. A page that loads quickly is also likely to convert a visitor into a customer or client which makes page loading speed a key factor for any type of business or e-commerce related site. Understanding the vital importance of page speed Olympia SEO have launched their page speed optimization service leveraging a site's hosting and analyzing multiple factors in the coding on the site to optimize its performance. The service includes image optimization, CSS optimization, Javascript optimization, HTML minification, the checking of custom scripts and files to eliminate conflicts and providing actionable CDN advice and support for further improvement. Olympia SEO offer a wide range of services for websites including helping online presence analysis, search engine optimization, content marketing, pay per click management, local business marketing, website maintenance, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, reputation management, conversion rate optimization and on page optimization. The page speed optimization can be utilized as a stand alone service or with any combination of other services provided by the firm. Interested parties can contact Olympia SEO at the link provided above.

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