This Online Tennis Course For Young Kids Uses Story-Telling To Improve Fitness

Feb 16, 2021

Are you a parent looking for a fun and engaging way to keep your child healthy during school closures? Tennis Central Corp’s Superhero Tennis School offers a creative solution to at-home physical education!

This superhero-themed tennis curriculum will keep your kids active and entertained while confined at home!

Tennis Central Corp, a Washington DC-based organization dedicated to providing fun and immersive tennis programs, has announced the launch of its virtual Superhero Tennis School. The award-winning child development program includes adventure-style tennis lessons for kids ages 3 through 8.

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The newly launched story-based tennis course provides an ideal solution if you are looking to implement engaging, high-quality physical education. Because the fitness lessons are delivered virtually, your child can complete their course from the safety of your own home.

When it comes to teaching kids how to shoot forehands, backhands, volleys, or serves, traditional tennis instruction tends to focus on the ‘how’ rather than ‘why’. On-court tennis lessons also tend to lack the creativity, visual stimulation, and purpose needed to successfully engage children in the sport.

The Superhero Tennis School’s interactive curriculum was designed to keep your child entertained, in shape, and educated while at home.

The online course includes 3 to 5-minute, skill-based repetition challenges aimed to improve muscle memory. Each daily lesson incorporates costumes, fantasy adventures, and superhero storylines to activate the imagination and keep your child engaged.

After beginning the program, your child will be mailed their own superhero badge book to track their progress and accomplishments. The company also offers you a complimentary guide that includes sample weekly schedules, coaching tips, and a list of equipment.

Since its launch, the Superhero Tennis School has been shown to improve kids’ tennis skills four times faster than traditional on-court group lessons. Parents have also reported other benefits from the program, including improved coordination, fitness, comprehension, and confidence.

For maximum results, your child is encouraged to practice on a steady and consistent schedule year-round. Tennis Central offers a risk-free 30-day guarantee if you are not seeing improvement in your child’s skills.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The focus of the entire course is simple – by the end of the course all our students will be able to rally over a net with each other and actually play tennis.”

Let your child be the superhero they’ve always dreamed of being, on and off the court!

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