This Online Literacy Platform Teaches Your To Child Master Reading And Fluency Early

Aug 15, 2020

Have you noticed that your child has reading and comprehension difficulties? Worried about their failure in life as a result? Check out Reading Head Start’s online “learn to read English” program assistance.

Did you know that academic success and overall success in life is founded upon literacy? Now that you know, it would be great to get your children reading as early as possible. Let Reading Head Start help you to teach them! 

Reading Head Start, an online-based learning platform, has launched its “learn to read English” program. The program was created to teach literacy skills to children between the ages of two and nine.

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The newly launched product features easy and fun lessons that are simple in approach yet comprehensive in detail. This interactive learning program was co-created by a respected Pediatrician.

It is a known fact that there’s a rising literacy crisis in today’s schools, as children’s reading skills continue to decline. Recent statistics presented by the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) on children’s reading progress in the United States revealed that only 66% of the nation’s students in the 4th Grade met or exceeded the lowest of three standards measured.

It was the urgency in these and other previous statistical results, coupled with the belief that literacy is the cornerstone on which all of education is built that Dr. Needlman co-founded the reading program. Like many other educators, Dr. Needlman believes that in order for children to be successful reading must begin early.

According to the founder, children with reading difficulties don’t have problems just in reading, but will also manifest problems related to vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension skills. These problems could further affect other subject areas as the child won’t be able to read or understand the textbooks used for them.

Since most schools lack the capacity to provide the one-on-one attention needed by each child, Dr. Needlman encourages you to look for warning signs of illiteracy in your children. These signs include anxiety about reading, lack of confidence, difficulty sounding out words or lack of fluency when reading aloud, and struggles with focus.

Upon detecting these signs early, you will be able to work with your children to improve the problem areas. Additionally, your fears of your struggling readers falling behind in their academics, missing out or failure in life, or disliking school will be alleviated as you take action to correct the problem. 

One of the tips given by Dr. Needlman on encouraging early literacy skills in your child is that of reading aloud to them. This, he says, helps connect to some of the very most important parts of children’s development such as emotional, language, and literacy.

Other benefits of introducing reading to children from the toddler stage are improved comprehension, academic success and confidence, and reading achievement. The Pre-K and Kindergartners will also have an early mastery and fluency in reading, giving them an advantage over their peers.

Dr. Needlman believes that reading and books are the keys to education. Mastering reading skills at an early age, he notes, is the key to success.

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