This New Private Equity Real Estate Fund Invests In Southwest Florida Housing

Mar 7, 2021

Do you want to earn from a recession-proof investment while helping address the lack of attainable housing in Southwest Florida? This unique investment opportunity lets you do both.

Are you looking for an investment opportunity that doesn’t require a massive amount of capital to participate? You should consider investing in a private real estate equity fund. This Florida firm has the ideal investment opportunity for you. 

BRT Development is a residential and commercial property development company located in Fort Myers, Florida. We have just launched a private real estate equity fund under our new subsidiary, the Opus Development Group.

Go to for more details.

Through the creation of the fund, we aim to lower the cost associated with real estate investing, so that all levels of investors can participate and start building wealth. With a minimum investment of only $2,500 and the ability a fund has to pool funds, members can benefit from opportunities previously available only to corporations or the uber-wealthy.

An online brochure providing detailed information about the offering can be found at

Opus will focus on value-add projects determined by the immediate needs of the community. Southwest Florida is currently experiencing a residential inventory shortage, especially on reasonably affordable homes priced under $250,000 which is why Opus will primarily focus on providing attainable/work-force housing through the construction of single family homes and multi-family developments priced from $165,000 – $240,000, making homeownership achievable for hard working members of our community that are at, or below median income levels, including first responders, factory workers, teachers, and many small business owners.

We believe that it’s possible to have a private real estate equity fund that produces generous returns for its investors while delivering quality and affordable homes to the people who need them.

Build wealth by helping build attainable housing for hardworking Americans. Contact BRT Development today and take advantage of this new opportunity!

You can find out more at or at the URL above!

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