This Mesa, AZ Dental Clinic Fixes Crooked Teeth With Invisalign Clear Aligners

Aug 6, 2022

Are you self-conscious about your imperfect smile? Snow Family Dentistry (480-982-7289) now offers Invisalign clear aligners to correct issues with crooked teeth or an uneven bite, so you can achieve the smile you want.

This Mesa, AZ Dental Clinic Fixes Crooked Teeth With Invisalign Clear Aligners

Think about talking to someone when you still have food stuck in your teeth. Imagine dealing with crooked teeth if that alone made you uneasy. With a personalized and practical solution, Snow Family Dentistry comes in to make sure you never have to experience that.

Just so you know, this is not about braces.

When left untreated, crooked teeth can become more than just an aesthetic concern since they can also lead to significant dental issues like tooth crowding. With Invisalign clear aligners, Snow Family Dentistry can give you the perfect smile.

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Straight teeth are associated with enhanced dental hygiene and good gut health. If you are seeking to straighten your teeth and lower the risk of chipped or cracked teeth, there is now a proven treatment option for you.

Before the treatment commences, a member of the dental team determines whether your issue is appropriate for the Invisalign treatment. Soon after, you are given a diagnosis, information on the design procedure, and a price estimate.

Snow Family Dentistry constructs the aligners to suit you, and since the aligners don’t include any sharp metals, there isn’t any risk of inflammation, which is sometimes associated with metal braces. With the help of customized clear aligners, your teeth are straightened predictably. Transparent and removable, they provide you with greater convenience.

If you are also seeking to address gaps or significant spacing between your teeth, then you can use the Invisalign clear aligner. The clear aligner can also resolve overbite, crowding, underbite, and other significant dental issues. According to the Snow Family Dentistry team, clear aligners are the gold standard for the treatment of misaligned teeth, although they are not recommended for smokers, small children, or the elderly.

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