This Mail Order Romance Novel Will Have You Turning The Pages To Find Out The End

Aug 11, 2020

Are you a lover of romance? Believe that love can heal a broken heart? This historical western romance novel has all that and more. Why not have a go at it?

If you love reading and enjoy stories of love mixed with drama and danger then you will love book six of this Bear Creek Brides series. Check it out today!

Romance addict and novelist, Amelia Rose has released the paperback version of her novel: A loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy. The novel is the 6th book in the Bear Creek Brides series.

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The newly released paperback novel tells the tale of the meeting of two lost souls who were once hundreds of miles apart. Before their encounter, the couple had faced a future of emptiness.

Set in the year 1893, the novel features Tanner Williams, a Montana-based deputy, who attempts to drown out the emptiness of his life in his work. It tells of the quick-thinking officer’s hope of finding love in the form of someone who will fill his void and getting to settle down like his friends. 

In his desperation, Tanner eventually places an ad for a mail-order bride. This ad is answered by many women who are attracted to the deputy’s generous personality and clear intelligence. Among them is Bethany Duncan, who is trying to escape the controlling clutches of her father.

The story informs you that Bethany is determined to live a more fulfilling life and is against the seemingly loveless one her father has mapped out for her, in the form of marrying her off to someone wealthy. Seeing the deputy’s ad as her ticket out, Bethany responds, is chosen by Tanner, and finally sets out on the journey to escaping her life in Tennessee.

The drama-filled novel continues that despite managing to move from her hometown and the shackles of her father, Bethany’s past follows. Rose tells us that while Bethany heads to what she hopes will be a peaceful life in Montana chaos reigns in the form of ghosts from her intended’s past.

As the story progresses, you will be enthralled with the clash of both Bethany and Tanner’s pasts. These and other forms of drama threaten not only their peace and love for each other but their safety as well. In her synopsis of the novel, Rose piques your interest with one question: can they (Tanner and Bethany) overcome all the odds and find true happiness in each other?

You can click on the link above to purchase the novel which is available on Amazon.

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