This Latest Book By Epidemiologist Dr. Davis Will Inspire You To Take Risks

Jul 15, 2021

Dr. Cornelia Davis has the the inspirational memoir you need to get your life on track! Get her latest book “Risking is Better” Than Regretting today!

Do you feel like your life is in a rut? Dr. Cornelia Davis’s newest book will give you the push you need to take risks and seize opportunities!

The retired epidemiologist has announced the release of her latest book “Risking is Better Than Regretting”. The launch follows the publication of her two memories, “Three Years in Ethiopia” and “Searching for Sitala Mata”.

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“Risking is Better Than Regretting” will help you find inspiration to live your life to the fullest through Dr. Davis’s reflections on her career as an epidemiologist.

Dr. Cornelia Davis completed her medical residency in 1975 and was hired by the World Health Organization to work on its smallpox eradication program in India. She has since worked on various immunization programs, malaria control and managing outbreaks of yellow fever, cholera, meningitis, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in over 20 countries.

Having retired in 2013, Dr. Davis has now dedicated her time to detailing her career and experiences in a series of written memoirs.

Dr. Davis’s newest memoir follows her international travels and career in public health while discussing themes such as personal growth, adventure, calculated risk and friendship. “Risking is Better Than Regretting” aims to inspire you to examine your own life and seek new experiences.

The book takes readers to Afghanistan, Kenya, Yemen, Somalia, Norway, Italy and more. Dr. Davis balances chapters focusing on serious events with reminders on the importance of having fun and making friends.

Dr. Davis’s memoirs also cover topics of international travel and risk. Her first book, “Searching for Sitala Mata”, follows Dr. Davis’s time in India working on the WHO’s smallpox eradication program. Dr Davis’s next publication, “Three Years in Ethiopia”, covers her experiences managing spreading disease and her daughter’s adoption among increasing civil unrest.

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This latest announcement is in line with Dr. Cornelia Davis’s commitment to sharing her life stories to inspire her readers to make a difference in the world. Moreover, Dr. Davis’s books have garnered positive reviews from both critics and readers.

A critic from the International Review of books said: “By sharing episodes and stories from her life, Dr. Cornelia Davis inspires you to take calculated risks. And although life doesn’t give too many second chances, it’s not too late, and there is still time.”

Dr. Cornelia Davis will inspire you to seize opportunities and seek personal growth! Visit her website to start reading her books!

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