This Kansas City Holistic Dentist Is SMART Certified To Remove Mercury Fillings

Nov 25, 2023

Choose the Kansas City dentist who cares about your whole-body health! Holistic Dental Wellness of Kansas City (816 772-5637) has been championing mercury-free dentistry techniques for over 30 years!

If you are concerned about the impact that your “silver” mercury amalgam fillings may be having on your health, speak to Jack Ferguson, DDS. His practice, Holistic Dental Wellness of Kansas City, emphasizes providing SMART dental solutions. 

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Dr. Ferguson is soon to be certified in SMART dentistry by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT). 

“SMART” stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, a strict protocol for protecting patients, dental workers, and our environment from exposure to mercury. This is the main component of the metal alloy used to make “silver” fillings, and it is one of the most toxic elements on Earth. While it can affect any number of tissues in the human body, it is especially harmful to the brain. 

Exposure to mercury can cause many concerning symptoms, including memory and other cognitive problems, psychological issues, neurological problems, immune system impairments, and more. 

Mercury is especially dangerous when inhaled as vapor, a great deal of which can be generated by simply drilling out an old amalgam filling without any protections. So when a patient chooses to have their old amalgam fillings removed, Dr. Ferguson employs extensive suction and air filtration techniques, PPE, and specific clinical techniques that limit the amount of vapor generated. Proper waste disposal protocols are followed, as well. 

Once old amalgam fillings have been safely removed, Dr. Ferguson can then replace them with metal-free, fluoride-free, and BPA-free restorations. 

About Dr. Jack Ferguson

Dr. Ferguson graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry in 1982. Since then, he has developed a holistic approach to patient care. He combines modern clinical dentistry with lifestyle and nutritional support to reduce the likelihood of certain oral diseases. He uses only biocompatible materials such as fluoride-free, BPA-free composite resins, porcelain, and zirconia - all materials that also have the virtue of cosmetically resembling natural tooth structure. As an active member of the IAOMT, Dr. Jack is committed to continuous education and regularly attends advanced dental seminars to stay on the leading edge of dental care technology.

Holistic Dental Wellness of Kansas City is dedicated to making cosmetic and restorative dentistry safer for patients and practitioners alike. Call the practice at 816-772-5637 today to book your first appointment today!

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