This Interior Designer Can Add Activity-Based Spaces To Your Point Loma Office

Jun 15, 2023

Traditional office layouts don’t meet the needs of modern hybrid working models. Get the latest activity-based concepts in Point Loma from the award-winning team at San Diego Office Design (+1-619-610-9358).

With new hybrid working approaches, your staff members fulfill their individual responsibilities at home, making your office an important center for team interaction and collaboration.

As a result, you need to reconsider how your office spaces support the needs of your team, and San Diego Office Design introduces innovative activity-based concepts.

Of course, every business is different, which is why this firm uses a unique think-tank approach, working with you to create a truly personalized solution. As a full-service agency, they manage all stages of your project, ensuring that your creative vision is brought to life on time and on budget.

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San Diego Office Design also uses a local network of furniture manufacturers, offering unique and sustainable products for workstations, collaborative areas, and meeting rooms. They can even incorporate artwork and branding, creating an interior that reflects and promotes the unique culture of your business.

According to a recent study from Pew Research Center, over 40% of workers whose jobs can be carried out remotely are now working on a hybrid schedule. For the increasing number of businesses that are using this model, the office has become an environment for staff to interact and collaborate in person, creating the need for new design approaches.

The new activity-based concepts from San Diego Office Design take account of these requirements and can provide you with a variety of worker environments, such as huddle areas, pitch rooms, and break-out spaces. The goal is to bring a more holistic approach to your workplace, supporting the daily needs of your staff, and thereby promoting wellbeing and productivity.

“Our design think-tank approach ™ is unique in the industry, and delivers truly collaborative and innovative solutions,” a company representative explained. “Following the finalization of the concept, we fine-tune the budget and work with vendors near and far to pull all the thousands of details together. We manage the whole process from beginning to end.”

San Diego Office Design founder and lead designer Tamara Romeo was recently recognized as one of the “Top 50 Women of Influence in Architecture and Design” by the San Diego Business Journal. Tamara is supported by a talented and multidisciplinary team of designers, business development specialists, and financial planners.

“San Diego Office Design made what we wanted to do look so much better, plus they made suggestions that have allowed us to make better use of our space,” one client recently stated. “Every detail was handled perfectly, from sourcing the right carpets to adding more color, to thinking about how we work in our space.”

Happy teams create a positive and productive workplace. Bring your business into the modern era with the latest activity-based concepts from San Diego Office Design.

Discuss your creative vision with the team today. Check out so you can learn more.

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