This In-Depth Guide Explains Difference Between SEO & PPC Marketing For SMBs

Oct 5, 2022

Getting your brand noticed online can make or break your business – but what’s the best strategy? Is it keyword optimization for search engines, or advertisements where you only pay if people click them? The experts explain, in this new guide.

This In-Depth Guide Explains Difference Between SEO & PPC Marketing For SMBs

The other day, just for fun, I Googled “how to light a candle.”

Within 0.47 seconds, I got 50 million matches…

While that may be a joke, it’s actually not far from the truth, and it highlights a very important point.

There are an incredible number of websites online, and it can be practically impossible to get yours noticed unless you use the right combination of strategies.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) are two of the most common marketing strategies used online because of their overall effectiveness, but what are they exactly? This new guide from Digital Harvest Marketing provides an in-depth look at how each strategy works, as well as the benefits, drawbacks, and differences.

Visit to read their full expert guide, and find the best strategy to grow your online visibility.

While traditional advertising has lost much of its popularity, and consumers have learned to ignore many of the ads they see today, SEO and PPC strategies have continued to grow in popularity as potential shoppers spend more time online. The new guide from Digital Harvest Marketing examines how each strategy can be used individually or in combination to increase your brand’s online visibility.

The guide explains that while SEO and PPC strategies are very different, they are often used together for exactly that reason. While SEO techniques help to increase your brand’s visibility on search engines, PPC advertising takes a more direct approach by sending consumers directly to your company’s website.

Perhaps the largest difference showcased in the guide is the overall effectiveness both short and long term, compared to the cost, time, and effort for each type of campaign.

While a PPC campaign can offer you nearly immediate results with low effort, it requires a higher initial investment, and the costs can continue to add up. SEO strategies, on the other hand, are comparatively cost-effective with sustainable benefits but can require significantly more effort with no guarantee of results.

The guide explores how the two strategies are most often combined to provide balanced results both short and long-term. This combination of techniques allows you to get the immediate results your company needs, and the long-term benefits of a sustained SEO campaign. More top strategies and marketing techniques can be found in their other expert guides, at

Digital Harvest Marketing specialists provide full-service online marketing that includes SEO, PPC, website design, and reputation marketing. They also provide a Brand Boost service that includes creating highly customized content about your brand in several multimedia formats and placing it on hundreds of high-authority websites.

Having your brand stuck on the second page of Google can be frustrating, because we all know that nobody ever gets that far in the search results unless they’re desperate.

With the right strategies though, you can do more than get your brand listed on page 1. You can get your ads placed right at the top with PPC marketing, while an SEO campaign works to get you listed first organically.

Visit to find more advice and strategies from the experts at Digital Harvest Marketing.

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