This Guide Shows How To Design/Publish Children’s Books With Ease On Amazon KDP

May 14, 2022

J.J. Fast Publishing wants to help you make your dreams of becoming a children’s author come true by guiding you through the process of self-publication on the Amazon Kindle platform.

This Guide Shows How To Design/Publish Children's Books With Ease On Amazon KDP

If you have a great idea for a children's book, you may still find that putting those ideas to the page and publishing them can still be a daunting challenge. Luckily, J.J. Fast Publishing is here to change that by walking you through the steps required to become a successful self-published author on Amazon.

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This information has been compiled to inform you on the recent developments in self-publishing, which has typically been a costly and complicated process. However, now that Amazon allows self-publication through their platform, you can easily become a children's author by following the steps in the J.J. Fast Publishing guide.

As far as publishing goes, children’s literature can be the most accessible of any other form, especially given the reduced writing and editing time required to put together a children’s manuscript. Although traditional publishing still offers royalties for every copy sold after publication, the figure offered through ebook publication is far higher and easier to market.

With these facts in mind, J.J. Fast Publishing has created this guidebook to help you achieve your goals easily and quickly. For those unfamiliar with what it takes to create and market a book independently, this guide can be an incredibly valuable source of information.

Among other things, the guide offers tips on how to generate the most sales from a minimal amount of material, and on how to create a franchise based on a simple set of characters and ideas. Along these same lines, they have included a procedure for splitting longer chapter books into many individually published ebooks to maximize market exposure.

The guide also lays out a set of technical specification guidelines that you can use to make your manuscripts look professional and fresh. These guidelines explain everything from the proper bleed and margins to use when formatting a page, to what color schemes and marketing tactics to use when designing a cover.

You don't have to wait any longer to publish your great idea; everything you need to get started is in the J.J. Fast Publishing guide. Download it today and start your career as a self-published children's author!

J.J. Fast Publishing has helped hundreds of authors find their footing on Amazon’s recently created platform, and they will continue to offer their free expert advice for the foreseeable future. Their guides can be used to navigate the confusing world of self publication with ease, speed, and profitability.

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