This Guide Explains Why EMF Radiation Can Cause Facial Dermatitis & Inflammation

May 13, 2022

Ever stopped to wonder what prolonged mobile phone use is doing to your skin? Get the inside track on EMF radiation and how it affects our health with Omnia’s latest report.

This Guide Explains Why EMF Radiation Can Cause Facial Dermatitis & Inflammation

Ever wondered what mobile phones are really doing to our bodies? For a deep dive into the world of EMF radiation and its impact on our skin, read Omnia's new report.

Omnia has launched "How Does EMF Radiation Affect Our Skin? A Closer Look." The report is the latest in a series of articles published on the company's website, exploring the links between electromagnetic fields and a growing number of health conditions.

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The report details the science behind some of the emerging EMF research and what that means for the physical health of the digital generation. Readers can learn about how constant exposure to EMF radiation, through mobile devices and other wireless technology, is causing serious effects to the body's largest organ - the skin.

The rapid rise of mobile technology over the last two decades has given us little time to adapt to the powerful radiation that these devices emit. Skin is the body's first line of defense and direct tissue penetration represents humanity's greatest vulnerability to harmful electromagnetic rays. All the more so because many of these negative consequences happen on a subtle level and are not immediately obvious to the naked eye. Scary, right?

The Omnia article explains how human skin has evolved over millions of years to protect and regulate its exposure to pollutants in the environment. Skin is selectively permeable. This means that only certain things can pass through it but with over 3 million sweat glands, there is ample opportunity for our bodies to absorb harmful substances and radiation.

The report outlines the five major effects of EMF radiation on your skin - one of which is increased conductivity. According to the article, increased conductivity in your sweat ducts correlates with an increase in stress levels. Powerful new mobile frequencies such as 5G seem most likely to raise these levels further.

Other effects discussed in the article include electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) - a kind of allergy to EMF. This condition causes symptoms such as headaches, pain, and inflammation with EHS patient biopsies showing mast cell degranulation and evidence of anaphylaxis mediators.

In addition to these alarming developments, EMF radiation has also been shown in studies to increase the incidence of facial dermatitis and burning sensations in the side of the face most exposed to prolonged mobile phone use. According to the Omnia report, studies have also revealed that EMF impairs protein expression and reduces the levels of melatonin found in your skin.

The author writes, “Cutting back on EMF radiating devices by even 30 minutes to an hour can do wonders for our health. You can turn off wireless devices and routers when not in use and make sure they are as far away from you as possible at night for improved, restorative sleep quality.”

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