EMF Radiation From Wireless Devices: Best Home Detox & Protection Solutions

May 19, 2023

Omnia has a new guide up on its website! If you want to shield your home from EMF radiation, the guide has six EMF protection tips.

"Your phone is out to get you!"

You're probably used to seeing warnings like this on the internet while using the oh-so-dangerous phone. You've read multiple articles on the dangers of radiation exposure and all the many ways electromagnetic energy waves from power lines, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, and other electronic devices interact with your cells.

While these concerns are valid, you don't have to avoid everything modern and electronic to create a safe home environment. Omnia's latest guide proposes six ways to block EMF radiation (Electromagnetic Radiation Fields) at home without losing cell signal!

Check out the guide at https://www.omniaradiationbalancer.com/blogs/news/protect-home-from-EMF-radiation

Because most people have gotten used to the convenience of modern electronics in everyday life, they are unaware of the possible health risks they pose.

EMF absorption can change the body's electric current and disrupt the chemical structure of tissues. Several studies link electromagnetic radiation from phones and indoor devices to stress, anxiety, headaches, and cognitive impairment. There are also thousands of studies where rats exposed to varied frequencies developed adverse conditions like cancers, infertility, and endocrine system failure.

Omnia's guide lists shielding paint as the first way to block out third-party radiation from outside. EMF shielding paint comes in various types, some more suitable for exterior walls than others. According to the guide, most manufacturers of EMF paints recommend you do a double coating for higher levels of blockage.

According to the company, proximity, duration of exposure, and signal strength are the major risk factors when exposed to wireless radiation fields. Hence, its latest guide also lists radiation-safe window films and protective shielding for smart meters as ways to block out EMF radiation.

You can choose from Omnia's range of radiation-balancing products to deal with in-house radiation emitted by household electronics. These balancers include the ORB Stickers and EMF Protection Pendants which transform imbalanced radiation into vibrational fields that match the energy fields in your body.

Undoubtedly, the most effective way to avoid indoor EMF radiation is to turn off radiation-emitting devices. Omnia's guide proposes that you cut exposure by putting off wireless devices and smartphones when they're not in use.


Omnia Collective is a UK-based company that has been promoting radiation-balancing products which are tested to show benefits to the body. It is committed to providing solutions that balance personal energy fields amidst the toxic radiation exposure in the modern world.

A spokesperson for the company said, "We share scientific evidence that can be trusted and we’re always searching for new tests that endorse our product. We aim to help you maintain a healthy balance throughout your life and to shed light on how our new science allows us to achieve these effects."

Omnia Collective displays test results to prove that the body responds positively to using its products.

Interested? Visit https://www.omniaradiationbalancer.com/ to find out more.

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