Healthy Pregnancy Article Helps Women Reduce EMF Radiation Exposure & Danger

May 9, 2023

Omnia Balance has done new research into the impacts of daily radiation exposure on pregnant mothers and their babies. If you are pregnant, you need to read on.

If you’re concerned about the impact a world of devices and radiation is having on your unborn baby, Omnia has new insights you’re going to want to learn about.

Their report has been created to offer pregnant women advice about common forms of radiation like Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) radiation. Omnia hopes that with their article, titled ‘Is it Safe for Pregnant Women to expose themselves to ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation?’, they can empower you to make the safest and healthiest choices for you and your baby during this critical period.

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Their report has been issued in the midst of what many countries and media organizations are now labeling a fertility crisis, as well as in a world that is more saturated by EMF waves than ever before. As a recent article on Healthline stated, scientific research is constantly investigating the impacts of these invisible waves upon our bodies, with recent studies indicating there may be links between EMF waves and certain types of cancer and neurological and cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s.

Omnia presents evidence from scientists who also believe there may be correlations between EMF waves and fertility and pregnancy issues, including miscarriage, as their report describes. Connections have also been made between EMFs and attention deficit disorder in babies and children.

As their article explains, while you have likely given great care to diet, nutrition, exercise, and wellness, you may have failed to consider the impact of daily choices like mobile phone use, which may expose both you and your baby to EMF waves.

As such, Omnia recommends you consider how much radiation you are exposed to on a daily basis, and gives you simple and effective steps to reduce your EMF exposure. These include using your laptop battery rather than keeping it plugged in during use, keeping your phone and devices away from your belly, and, as they describe it, taking a ‘baby moon’ away from your devices.

Without the need for alarm or panic, Omnia simply recommends that, if you are concerned about the biological effects of EMF during your pregnancy, you reduce your radiation exposure and consider how you can protect yourself and your baby against common EMF sources, including by purchasing an EMF harmonizer.

Omnia is an aggregator of scientific resources that believes in spreading logical, scientifically researched, and validated advice for wellness in the modern age.

A spokesperson for the online wellness platform said, “Omnia is here to help you find resonance in your own space in the face of stress from modern life. Our position is to present our findings and draw our conclusions, but to always let you decide whether this resonates with you. We share scientific evidence that can be trusted and we aim to help you maintain a healthy balance throughout your life.”

While the world may be blanketed in EMF radiation, your unborn baby doesn’t have to be.

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