This Fast Food Restaurant Expense Savings Program Boosts Financial Efficiencies

Apr 13, 2024

Saving on fast-food restaurant utilities can mean big profits, especially if you’re part of the 80% of businesses who’ve been overpaying for years. Expense savings service Recession Resister increases your financial efficiencies by eliminating these cost overages.

As the operator of a fast food restaurant, there's not much you can do about your food costs to increase your financial efficiencies, but have you looked into your utilities lately?

When you're being billed between $5,000 - $,8000 per month for utilities, every bit of savings helps. Have all your bills analyzed and competitive service providers researched to uncover hidden ways to save when you partner with Recession Resister.

Find out where you're overpaying on expenses, at


Recession Resister has rolled out an easy-access expense savings program for fast food restaurants intended to help you find long-term savings in your utility charges, service provider charges, and your energy consumption habits. Their services combine technology with expert negotiators to uncover and refund billing errors, lower inflated rates, and reduce your energy costs.


Central to Recession Resister’s savings program is a meticulous expense auditing service which uses technology to comb through years’ worth of your paid utility, telecommunications, security and pest control bills to uncover overages and unnecessary fees deserving of a refund.

Recession Resister’s negotiators are experts at securing these refunds, along with more favorable utility and telecom rates to provide you with substantial long-term savings.

A spokesperson for the service explains:

“Our goal is to provide restaurant operators with significant expense savings by targeting an often-overlooked draw on funds: their utilities. Our smart technology paired with our team of negotiation experts ensure our clients are not being overcharged for the services they use. We work to reduce their bills so they can focus on other areas of their business.”

In addition to the bill auditing and rate negotiation services, Recession Resister offers an energy auto-switching program which identifies the most cost-effective service providers in the energy and telecom markets. Upon your approval, Recession Resister can automatically transition your restaurant over to a more cost-efficient provider without disrupting your operations.

You get the same level of services, for less.


A final pillar of the expense savings program is an energy conservation component, powered by The Madison Energy Group.

A huge portion of your electricity and natural gas are consumed by your business's refrigeration, HVAC and water heating. These are all areas where inefficiencies are almost impossible to detect.

By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies like IntelliHVAC and EnerG2, Recession Resister can bring your heating and cooling costs down between 10% - 30%.

The program’s ASH-DC sensor-based technology for anti-sweat heaters keeps reach-in coolers and freezers free of condensation by running only 15 minutes every 3 hours, saving you a potential 80% on these energy costs.

There are no upfront fees for Recession Resister’s services. Instead, you only pay 50% of the savings Recession Resister secures.

By partnering with Recession Resister, you can quickly streamline operations, reduce your overhead, and boost your restaurant's financial resilience in this complex and highly competitive sector.

Are you ready to save more dough so you can bring home more bacon? Find out where your restaurant has been overspending on expenses and get that corrected when you partner with Recession Resister. Learn more at

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