This Family Dentist In Bellaire, TX Offers The Best Dental Bridges & Crowns

Jun 19, 2022

Gap-toothed monarchs squabbling over infrastructure projects? Alas, no, your favorite Netflix drama was – mercifully! – canceled. But crowns, bridges, and dentures are indeed among the tooth repair options available at Dentist 101 of Houston (713-773-1300)!

This Family Dentist In Bellaire, TX Offers The Best Dental Bridges & Crowns

Maybe you just want a good, gentle, trustworthy dentist for your family. Or perhaps you are in pain but were traumatized by dental horrors as a kid!

Dentist 101 of Houston offers crown and bridge treatments for patients with fractured, damaged or missing teeth. Cost-effective and comfortable, modern denture implants are also available to help restore a patient’s smile.

Check them out at Bellaire TX Dentist – Dental Crown & Bridge

The multilingual and family-friendly practice offers custom-made bridges as a prosthetic, natural-looking alternative to partial dentures and as a replacement for one or more missing teeth. The clinic also custom designs the highest quality dental crowns, which can serve to preserve and protect an existing but damaged tooth. Most dental insurance plans are accepted at the practice, including non-managed care, indemnity, and PPO out-of-network plans.

Plus, they are, by all accounts, extremely nice and friendly people! You have nothing to fear!

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Research indicates that nearly 70% of adults under the age of 45 have lost at least one tooth to gum disease, injury, or neglected care. Both the crowns and bridges market and the market for dentures are growing at over 6% annually, fueled by product and material innovations in dental prosthetics, as well as the blurring lines between restorative and cosmetic dentistry. 3D printing and CAD/CAM are helping to modernize dentistry by limiting the time and cost of custom tooth replacements and restorations – including crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Dentist 101 of Houston, led by Dr. Jessica Su DMD, recognizes that you have your own lifestyle, budget, and oral health/hygiene expectations. The team will only make recommendations for procedures they deem appropriate or necessary, based on your medical history and current state of dental health. For example, some patients – such as diabetics – are not suitable candidates for implants. In this instance, Dentist 101 may recommend bridges – porcelain fixtures between two crowns that can improve a patient’s chewing ability and his or her appearance.

Dentist 101 accepts most dental insurance programs, including non-managed care, indemnity, and PPO out-of-network. The clinic’s PPO dentists are not part of any managed care network – no HMO or DHMO. Dentist 101’s accounting staff will prepare all the necessary forms to facilitate PPO dental benefits.

One patient commented: “Dr. Su has a calm and gentle demeanor that really puts her patients at ease. She is very knowledgeable and professional, but she is also very personable. I was surprised to see my kids went through the entire procedure without one complaint. Highly recommend her.”

If you want a long-term solution to your family’s dental health, this team – which includes a board-certified periodontist – is hard to beat! They also maintain a second location in Sugar Land.

Go to and see how they can help you and your family today!

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