This Content Marketing Service For MSPs Improves Google Search Rankings Fast

Jul 10, 2023

Without a differentiating factor, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) will be no different from everyone else. HotfixMedia can help you make your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) position become your secret weapon. Learn more about its unique content delivery system today!

If you’ve found this article organically while googling, then HotfixMedia’s system works.

Confused? Let’s just say that HotfixMedia is a newcomer in the content and search marketing world, and yet it’s ranking higher on SERPs than its more established competitors. And it’s not using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or any of that digital marketing stuff.

HotfixMedia provides a unique content marketing service that takes advantage of the value Google puts on locally targeted content to improve search rankings. What’s even better is that it’s ready to exclusively share its secrets with you—the MSP owner who’s looking for a way to be seen by more prospective clients.

You can learn more at

“What we offer is a revolutionary system capable of generating omnipresent marketing campaigns that deliver instant impact to your ranking,” the company’s spokesperson said. “Unlike traditional SEO methods that require months of waiting and endless fine-tuning for minimal improvements in your SERP position, our approach provides you with almost-instant results.”

To accomplish this feat, HotfixMedia uses a proprietary content delivery system that generates a wide range of content types, including news articles, blogs, slides, infographics, podcast audio, and videos. After generating your unique content, the system distributes it to more than 400 websites and publications.

And those sites are not part of any cheap blog network. Your custom content will be distributed to high-authority publications and websites, with some having domain authority scores of over 90! Plus, each piece of content is loaded with an inbound link, so imagine what 400 high-domain authority backlinks could do to your site!

“The content our system creates is unique and optimized with the keywords relevant to your specific niche or locality. Additionally, our material positions you as an expert in your field, which in turn sends a signal to Google to give your business a better place in its search rankings,” the representative said.

You’re probably thinking, “Does Google approve of any of this?” Definitely! In fact, it satisfies Google’s requirements for higher rankings: relevance, distance, and prominence. As an MSP that services a particular location, let's say, a city, this service is particularly useful because you’ll be able to position your business as something relevant, proximate, and prominent in your locality.

See? It all fits!

Fortunately for you, this service is being rolled out exclusively for MSP use. So, if you’re a business or an individual specializing in cloud, cybersecurity, network, disaster recovery, IT infrastructure, or applications management, visit today.

Do it before your competitors beat you to it!

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