This Consulting Firm Offers Energy-Savings-As-A-Service Solutions To Hospitals

May 16, 2023

Is outdated and inefficient equipment increasing overheads at your healthcare facility or hospital? Consult with Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC, and receive a custom plan that will lower your spending for good.

Swap your HVAC, lighting, and medical equipment for cost-saving upgrades - discover how you can benefit from Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC’s energy-efficiency consulting!

Onsite Utility Services Capital's savings-as-a-service model uses off-balance-sheet flexibility to help hospitals purchase and install more energy-efficient equipment. As part of the program, the company also provides maintenance services, which can help you lower your energy expenditure and consumption for the long term.

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Through consultancy and auditing, the program works to reduce your electricity and water consumption, decrease your energy bills, free up capital, and increase the longevity of your healthcare appliances.

Onsite Utility Services Capital estimates that, since the mid-90s, energy use in the healthcare industry has increased by 36% on average, a figure that has negatively affected both private and public providers. In response, the energy solutions company pioneered the Energy Savings as a Service model, which offers you a turnkey alternative to paying up-front or out-of-pocket to upgrade systems.

If you manage a hospital or healthcare center, you may want to minimize your energy consumption but not be able to overhaul your entire electricity, lighting, or HVAC system. However, you may still be concerned about how your uncontrolled consumption is increasing your overheads and impacting the environment. For a monthly fee, Onsite Utility's solution covers equipment upgrades and continued maintenance, ensuring that you can reduce your usage and start making savings from day one.

“Companies, schools, and institutions choose us because we provide leading energy technology, deliver unparalleled service, and offer the best value in the industry by removing all the risk of energy efficiency upgrades/retrofits through our innovative 'as-a-service' programs,” a spokesperson for the company explained.

In addition to healthcare facilities and hospitals, Onsite Utility Services Capital has helped businesses, schools, and municipal organizations across the United States achieve greater energy efficiency goals. Since 1993, the company has been making greener energy solutions more accessible by disposing of the need for upfront investment.

Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC offers zero-down Energy Savings as a Service solutions to healthcare centers and hospitals - call 844-768-7227 today to find out how you can achieve optimal energy efficiency.

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