This Compact All-In-One Home Trainer Simulates All Major Lifts For Strength

Apr 24, 2024

SOLE Fitness’ new SRVO All-in-One Trainer and SRVO All-in-One Complete Trainer are the ultimate home workout solution. For the best strength training and the most compact size machine, you can’t go past the SRVO.

Say goodbye to scattered barbells, clunky weight stations, resistance bands and unmotivating workout gear and hello to a streamlined, all-in-one, strength-building solution: the Sole SRVO by SOLE Fitness.

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An All-In-One Strength Training Device

SOLE Fitness’ new SVRO machines have been designed to give you a unique strength, cardio, endurance and flexibility fusion device and a comparable workout to a full gym session.

You’ll love that the innovative workout machine can be used to perform over 150 different exercises. If you want to improve your strength, mobility, and muscle tone at home, this is the perfect choice for you.

Introducing The SRVO All-in-One Trainer & The SRVO All-in-One Complete Trainer

You can now choose between two new all-in-one home workout machines, the SRVO All-in-One Trainer and the SRVO All-in-One Complete Trainer, which also comes with a bar, weight plates, a bench and a half rack if you want a more conventional gym-like workout.

SOLE Fitness’ new SRVO machines look just like a small rectangle, but they offer you a unique resistance and weight-based workout that uses smart engineering and weight simulation technology.

A representative for SOLE Fitness said, “Boasting a sleek design and compact size, the SRVO blends effortlessly into any living space and delivers a seamless weightlifting journey with its state-of-the-art revolution motorized resistance system. Featuring a duo of commercial-grade servomotors and a smart calculation system, it delivers a consistent and accurate weight simulation for a truly satisfying workout.”

Work Out Your Way: Build Muscle & Enjoy Endurance Training

SOLE Fitness’ new machines feature three built-in workout modes: the standard, eccentric and isokinetic modes. With these modes, you can select your workout preference based on whether you are looking for:

  • a steady level of resistance,
  • a workout to maximize muscle growth
  • or a high-intensity interval training-style workout.

In addition to the technology built into the SRVO All-in-One Trainer and the SRVO All-in-One Complete Trainer, you will also get lifetime access to their SOLE+ fitness app with your purchase. The app contains over 3,000 different workouts that you can complete using your new all-in-one machine, plus some that don’t need any equipment at all.

Their new all-in-one home workout machines also offer app-powered performance and fitness goal monitoring, so you’ll never miss a beat with your workouts.

A Compact Space-Saving Fitness Powerhouse

If you’re looking for a full-body strength, cardio and agility workout but you only have a small apartment or small home gym setup, you’re also going to love the SRVO.

One shopper who recently bought the SRVO All-in-One Trainer said, “Excellent product. I have space restraints in my house, so I’m always looking for ways to get a good workout without dedicating a whole room to endless pieces of workout equipment. This machine replaces so many items and really cuts down on space. I can store it under my bed and easily pull it out to use it. Besides the convenience, I was super impressed by the performance of the machine. It has really solid resistance and is very durable.”

--> If you only buy one fitness machine in your life, make it the SRVO from SOLE Fitness.

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