This Community Can Offer You Expert Real Estate Investment Mentorship Training

Mar 9, 2021

Do you want to gain the necessary investing knowledge without spending hundreds on dubious courses? This community can help you build the skills you need by making actual deals.

Have you been wanting to get into real estate investment but are hesitant because of your lack of knowledge? This community can provide you with the mentorship you need. 

Nationwide Real Estate Investment Clubs (NREIC), a national community of real estate investors, has updated its mentorship activities to cater to a growing number of members with varying levels of experience.

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With this move, the group will be better equipped to provide you with the right collaborative event or training that can help you achieve your investing goal.

The group offers weekly tours, where members visit a prospective property virtually. In these sessions, the group will come together to discuss the various aspects of the property, including funding, development, exit strategies, and more.

The group also hosts open mastermind sessions that are facilitated by full-time investors. These weekly sessions enable you to learn from experts and make investments with other like-minded individuals.

Mastermind sessions cover a diverse range of topics, including business credit and wealth creation. There are also sessions where the group focuses on one particular deal and analyzes its upside potential.

After attending one of these virtual events, you can decide if you want to join as a member.

Other meeting types include webinars, which are held daily in support of members. These webinars give you an opportunity to ask questions or raise capital with the help of fellow members.

The founder explained that the goal of these meetings is to allow you to meet other participants, so you can become partners and do business together.

NREIC community members generate revenue by making deals with fellow members.

The founders advised that to get the most out of the group, you should get to know people within the community and form friendships as each member offers a unique skill set.

NREIC today consists of both veteran investors who do thousands of deals annually and people who have no real estate investing experience. As of this writing, it has grown its network to over 32,000 people across the country.

The group stated that the frequency of their sessions coupled with the level of support they offer will enable you to act on an investment quickly and intelligently.

Invest confidently with the most supportive real estate investing community. Join the next session by signing up today!

You can find out more at the URL above!

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