This Collapsible Toilet Stool Is Ideal For Travelers To Improve Digestive Health

Apr 16, 2024

Does traveling always seem to mess with your digestion? Squatty Potty’s foldable, portable toilet stool is discreet and super easy to pack, so you can have healthy, happy bowel movement no matter where in the world you go this summer!

Gearing up for a big summer trip? You need the most important travel accessory of 2024 that will keep you and your digestive system happy, relaxed, and ready to take on the world!

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The Science Behind The Stool

When opened, the Squatty Potty Porta Traveler stool sits at the standard height of 7.75 inches, which allows you to lift your legs high enough while sitting on the toilet that your body takes a sort of squat-like position. This is exactly the position your human body was meant to be in while going #2, in order to have a more complete elimination without any straining!

Squatty Potty explains the physics behind the toilet stools: sitting in a squatting position allows your puborectalis muscle to fully relax so that a healthy bowel movement can seamlessly occur.

However, the Western toilet is designed to put you in a sitting position in which the puborectalis muscle can only partially relax, which can lead to straining and trouble. As the company explains, "The Squatty Potty is uniquely designed to give you the best bathroom experience, the way nature intended."

Keep Things Moving While On The Move

Bowel movement can be negatively impacted by travel, due to jet lag, changes in schedule, environment, diet, and lifestyle habits, as well as stress or anxiety around flying or other modes of transportation.

Squatty Potty has designed its collapsible stool to offer travelers like you a convenient, easy-to-carry accessory that can help you keep consistent, healthy digestion on the road.

The Squatty Potty Porta Traveler folds down to the size of an electronic tablet and comes with a canvas carrying bag to discreetly fit into your backpack, so no one will be the wiser!

The foldable Squatty Potty Porta Traveler is available in gray.

This summer, let this doctor-recommended collapsible stool boost your travel game by making you healthier and lighter on your feet, so you can focus on making this trip the best one yet!

Squatty Potty's Mission

Founded in St. George, Utah by the Edwards family, Squatty Potty's mission is "to improve bathroom health around the world." The company donates a percentage of its annual revenue to organizations around the world that spread awareness about digestive health and the negative impact of Western toilets. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, all of Squatty Potty's products are manufactured using recyclable or renewable materials.

You can learn more about Squatty Potty and order the Squatty Potty travel stool by visiting

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