This California Preschool Will Send Your Child Art Supplies To Learn From Home

Feb 23, 2021

Are you looking for a safe, fun way to give your child the preschool experience? Enrol them in Growing Brilliant’s new hands-on, interactive online preschool program!

Is your child getting restless trying to learn from home, with just online resources to teach them? Check out Growing Brilliant’s new interactive online preschool program today!

The preschool academy has released a ‘curriculum box’, which will be sent out to accompany your child’s learning if you enroll in their online preschool program.

Go to their website for more information.

The California-based preschool has set up live online lessons for customers like you with young children that are learning at home, and are now shipping out their curriculum boxes for children to use during the classes.

Quality early learning experiences are critical for young children, and during this time it is vital that your children are receiving the care they need even when learning from home. Growing Brilliant has expanded into online learning as a way to provide hands-on, interactive service and allow your child to have a traditional preschool education in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

The boxes are shipped on a recurring schedule and contain all the items that your kids need to take part in the lessons. This includes whiteboards, markers, Lego, clay, glue, crayons, watercolors, and other creative art supplies. Your child will use the supplies to make art, sculpt, learn numeracy and literacy, and socialize with other children.

The online school is available for children ages 2 to 6, and the first lesson is offered for free so that you and your and child can get a feel for the preschool and how the program is run.

Classes are taught live via video chat by passionate, qualified preschool teachers. The curriculum contains over 60 topics and developmental areas and is designed to prepare your kids for Kindergarten and beyond.

Growing Brilliant also have four in-person preschool locations across California. These are running COVID-secure classes for local children wanting to attend. The schools have organic fruit and vegetable gardens to teach them how food grows. They also have classroom pets such as rabbits, fish, and birds.

All class lesson plans are written at the preschool academies, and the teachers pride themselves on their ability to provide a unique, balanced, and creative curriculum to all.

A satisfied parent said that they were “pleasantly surprised with how much teaching and fun activities they were able to cover in each class”.

Growing Brilliant is the trusted, professional preschool you’re looking for to ensure your child’s continued learning while they are at home.

Are you ready to let them shine? Click on the link above to find out more about Growing Brilliant and book onto the online program!

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