This Broomfield, CO, Dental Hygiene Clinic Offers Updated Digital X-Ray Services

Apr 17, 2021

Popular Broomfield, Colorado, dental hygiene clinic SmileLogic now offers digital radiography (digital X-ray) services as part of its leading edge, comprehensive approach to dental care.

When it comes to dental care, do you put off your semi-annual checkups? If you're one of the many people who avoid dental check-ups because you worry about the cost, or potential pain, or having to contend with a bunch of recommended services you're not sure you really need, then it's time to look into SmileLogic. Recognized as a top-rated dental hygiene clinic, they've received over 70 online reviews and continue to uphold a sterling 5-star rating.

SmileLogic, a dental hygiene clinic in Broomfield, Colorado, offers digital radiography (digital X-ray) services as part of its checkup and exam procedures. Residents of Broomfield and surrounding areas can turn to SmileLogic for an affordable yet innovative approach to dental hygiene care.

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Recognized for its leading-edge approach to dental hygiene care, SmileLogic is pleased to provide digital dental radiography. 

Over the years, film has been replaced by digital methods across many mediums, including radiography. This service brings many benefits to SmileLogic’s clientele. 

The team at SmileLogic want their clients and other Colorado residents to know that X-rays are very important in the detection and diagnosing of dental disease. As a certified low radiation office, SmileLogic provides comprehensive dental hygiene services that prioritizes patient comfort and necessary care.

Angie Rhoades, RDH, is the owner of SmileLogic. Rhoades focuses on hygiene, cleanings, deep cleanings, periodontal or gum scaling, exams, X-rays and whitening procedures for stained and discolored teeth. Learn more at

Rhoades says that patients with no history of cavities or periodontal disease may not require X-ray services as often as those who’ve experienced these problems before; using this knowledge and educating patients on an individual basis, each person's treatment plan is adjusted accordingly. 

Digital X-rays are immediate, which means they can be sent to dentists and specialists within minutes, and take less time in your appointment to obtain.

Digital X-rays also offer a more clarified grey-scale spectrum, delivering 256 shades of grey compared to 16-25 shades that conventional radiography achieves.

Rhoades says her philosophy is rooted in treating each patient based on individual needs without enforcing a high pressure, upselling approach that can define some dental healthcare experiences.

By updating the X-ray, checkup and exam procedures at SmileLogic, Rhoades continues to place the team's focus on creating a relaxed environment that educates and empowers patients and gives them the tools they need to achieve optimal oral health and overall wellness.

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