This Analytics Platform Offers Long-Term Price Insights On Fine Art Pieces

Aug 9, 2023

LOT-ART has access to over 30 million recent and historical auction sales for fine art and they are using all this data to bring you the best investment deals.

Any art collector will tell you that art is more than a collection, it is an investment, and LOT-ART agrees. With their new international investment platform, they are here to show you how you can get the best deals on your art investment, guaranteed.

LOT-ART is a platform that uses a vast body of price analysis and historical data to help you understand the investment value of any art piece you are thinking about acquiring. The group of Dutch investors and market observers behind the platform have turned this wealth of knowledge into a user-friendly database and search function that allows you to discover the market value of an artwork against a data set of 30 million prior auction sales prices.

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Last year, the art market surged to its second highest ever value at $68 billion US, with most market insiders predicting continued growth in the sector. That’s why, at a time in which other markets are riddled with instability, LOT-ART believes that careful fine art investment can be a winning strategy for long-term liquidity and growth.

However, they caution that, especially if you are a beginner investor or collector—or someone coming to art collection from another market—it can be difficult to evaluate the financial value of a work of art given its intrinsic aesthetic and cultural worth.

That’s why they have developed their new LOT-ART database. They believe that their new investment platform will allow you to effectively identify price trends for art investment, as well as concomitant trends in the global art industry, which will have a ripple effect on prices.

The founders of LOT-ART see fine art as one of the strongest alternative investments and they believe that, with the right resources and market analytics, there is great potential for you to invest intelligently. The founders have also seen that, historically, art investment is a closed circle, limited to an elite group, and they hope that by making this wealth of information available to you, you can join a new generation of alternative investors.

A spokesperson for new investment platform said, “Leveraging on the big data aggregated by our search engine, which covers +3500 auction houses worldwide, LOT-ART can assess the liquidity of fine art pieces to identify best investment deals in the global auction market, optimizing the portfolio diversification strategy of private collectors and financial institutions who wish to invest in art-related assets with the highest potential return. We reach more catalogues than anywhere else in the world to get the best view of the global market to automatically find you the best prices, and lowest price compared to market value.”

LOT-ART knows that the right piece of art will always hold value, and they are here to help you find it.

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