This AI-Driven Review Request & Response System Boosts Customer Engagement & SEO

Jun 5, 2024

Are you a contractor or small business owner trying to grow your brand? ‘Please Review Us’ is the perfect digital marketing solution for you!

A brief scroll through a local business's Google reviews will tell you if it's popular in the area or if it has terrible customer service. For small businesses, the stakes of online reviews are much higher.

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'Please Review Us,' a fully automated reputation management system, automatically requests Google or Facebook reviews from your customers, following up each review with a fitting, AI-generated, professional response. With this AI-powered software, your business will gain a higher number of public reviews and build a larger online presence in a short period of time.

More Customer Reviews, Less Stress

'Please Review Us' was created to make the process of requesting reviews easier, less stressful, and more efficient.

With a fully automated AI platform taking over the role of requesting and responding to reviews, you will have extra time to focus on your business operations while boosting customer engagement.

According to a PowerReviews survey, over 90 percent of customers read product reviews before making a decision about a purchase. By pushing more online reviews and interacting with them, 'Please Review Us' drives more web traffic, increases conversion and clickthrough rates, boosts SEO and brand visibility, and ultimately, brings more revenue for your business.

The 'Please Review Us' Process

The 'Please Review Us' AI software uses field-tested templates for its review requests. After you upload customer information into the system, the software will send multiple review requests via text message and email for 6 weeks. When a customer posts a review on Google or Facebook, the software will provide a response that is appropriate for the tone and content of the review.

In addition to automated review requests and AI-generated review responses, 'Please Review Us' creates custom reports on customer reviews, and embeds selected reviews on client websites, all while adhering to A2P 10DLC messaging compliance rules.

Elevate Your Business In The Digital Space

'Please Review Us' is an AI platform created by a team of search engine optimization and lead generation specialists with a combined professional experience of over 20 years.

“Please Review Us has been an amazing service for our company. We have always known that Google reviews are super important for small businesses. Now we get more reviews and the whole process is automated. I can't recommend these guys enough,” said a satisfied customer.

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