These Refrigerator Safe Lock Boxes Will Keep Your Home Or Office Snacks Secure

Feb 17, 2021

Don’t let prying hands grab your grub – use these hilarious caged food lock boxes to secure your food and personal stuff with a three-digit combination!

If there’s a food thief about, use this lock box to keep their hands out! This hilarious gift is ideal for your kitchen, dorm, or office – set a three-digit combination to keep your snacks safe and sound! 

Ultimate Deals has announced the launch of an updated food snack lock box for customers in the US and around the world. The fridge storage container comes with a configurable lock that enables you to set a personal code to protect your food or other items!

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If you’re seeking to maintain dietary discipline by locking your tempting snacks away, this updated product is for you. It is also ideally utilized at home, in dormitories, or in the workplace to guard your personal food or beverage items against being stolen by others, such as your partner, friends or kids! 

Company representatives explained that the lock box can help you to control your habits and compulsions by placing an added obstacle around items you need to keep away from. As such, you can opt to store sugary snacks for a later time, or even keep distractions such as your cell phone locked away to boost your productivity during the day. 

It is suitable as a novelty gift for birthdays and holidays. The compact locker is of a suitable size to fit in your fridge, freezer or pantry. Manufactured from high-density polyurethane, the durable lock box is built for long-lasting function, so you’ll enjoy it for years. 

You’ll benefit by setting three-digit combinations for the lock as you keep your favorite foods or personal items secure against prying hands. Further, the childproof lock box can also be used to protect personal medication, makeup and cosmetics, or other items that you need to keep safe and private. 

In addition, the transportable lock box is designed as a caged container to allow for greater air circulation, keeping your stored items cool and fresh. 

One satisfied customer said via Amazon: “My fiancé can’t help but eat my snacks, so I got this. It’s easy to assemble – I used some painters tape so I know if it’s ever tampered with when I’m not around. This was a hilarious purchase and I’m very satisfied. Don’t want anyone touching your cookies? Get this.” 

Make sure your snacks remain yours – you can click the link above in order to learn more about the newly updated food storage lock box! 

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