These Landscaping Tips Can Take Your Lawn From Droll To Vibrant In No Time

Jul 8, 2020

Are you tired of trying everything in your power to make your lawns lush and green with little results? Then check out JC’s Landscaping LLC’s newest blog on the reasons why what you’re doing is not working.

If you’re one to “keep up with the Joneses” in the lawn arena then this company’s landscaping blog is right for you. You’ll get all the tips you need to make your lawn as green as your neighbor’s.

JC’s Landscaping LLC has released its new blog featuring the importance of taking care of your lawn on a weekly basis during the summer. The blog includes important tips for lawn and garden care.

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The newly launched blog post is geared at revealing to you eight potential reasons why your grass isn’t as green as your neighbor’s. One of the important tips listed is the need for lawn grass to receive one inch of water per week.

The lawn care team stated in their article that water is often a quick cure for your lawn color, especially during the summer when rainfall is infrequent in occurrence. 

“Sometimes just the fact that your grass needs a drink can ruin the color of your grass. Brown patches could also be a sign of inadequate coverage and the need for irrigation system maintenance… You need the water to soak into the soil and give your grass the opportunity for a lengthy drink to fully recover,” the team advised.  

According to the landscaping blog, one of the reasons your lawn may not have the desired green look despite it being taken care of is the fact that there are different species and varieties of grass. As such, your grass shade may be different from that of your neighbor’s because the species might be the same but the variety is different. 

Other reasons include excess or insufficient fertilization, infrequent mowing practices, depletion of nutrients in the soil, and pet damage. The blog also lists the need for compost for the lawn as one of the reasons for the lack of lush greenness in your soil.   

JC Landscaping LLC has been recognized as the Elite Top Landscaper by HomeAdvisor and one of the Top 100 Landscaping Blog on the Internet. 

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The company provides residential and commercial landscaping and lawn service in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. 

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