These Chilliwack Search Engine Experts Offer Results-Oriented Marketing Bundles

Apr 29, 2021

Vear Digital Marketing, an SEO company that serves the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley markets, has just launched its value-oriented Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum SEO packages.

By now every business owner knows that simply having a website up and running is not enough to drive sales. The trick is in driving qualified traffic to your website through finely tuned search engine optimization tactics and an effective digital marketing strategy.

Sounds expensive, right? Well not when you’re working with Vear Digital Marketing.

Vear Digital Marketing, a Chilliwack BC-based marketing and SEO company serving the Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Greater Vancouver area, is announcing the launch of its multi-tiered SEO packages. Companies and business owners in need of effective digital marketing assistance to create a compelling online presence can choose from bundled services to achieve their goals in a value-oriented manner.

More information can be found at

The launch of the company’s Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum SEO packages helps BC lower mainland businesses compete effectively in the digital space. Drawing on years of digital marketing expertise, Vear Digital Marketing specializes in creating targeted digital strategies that result in a strong online presence to help build company awareness for the purposes of driving website traffic and increasing sales.

Clients benefit from proven search engine optimization techniques that produce tangible results, both on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and in measurable business performances.

The team at Vear Digital Marketing focuses their attention on the specific areas search engines evaluate when indexing factors algorithms prioritize. These factors include keyword use, social metrics, traffic query data, domain-level brand features, page-level link features and authoritative domain-level link features.

The company’s proprietary approach to optimizing these factors goes hand in hand with a number of other activities that include location-based Google My Business (GMB) strategies, relevant, high-quality niche outreach blog posts, on-page audits and technical code deployment.

The implementation of finely-tuned SEO tactics is especially beneficial to small businesses. SEO leads to faster, smoother, more user-friendly websites, which, contrary to cluttered, improperly designed websites, prompts in-market customers to browse and investigate.

Vear Digital Marketing offers an arsenal of effective SEO tactics which work together to achieve individual client digital marketing goals.

With the launch of their tiered, value-oriented SEO packages, Vear Digital Marketing helps a range of businesses throughout the Fraser Valley achieve their sales and marketing goals in effective yet budget-friendly fashion.

Ready to start your SEO campaign? Visit to learn more.

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