Thermography Breast Health Panels In Long Island: Non-Invasive Thermal Imaging

Aug 26, 2023

With Thermography Solutions (+1-516-676-0200) you can track and monitor changes to your breasts over time, scanning for any inflammation that could be a sign of increased cancer risks.

Are you worried about the health of your breasts and want peace of mind? Getting regular checks is an effective way of tracking changes to your body - and can help to pinpoint issues before it's too late.

Thermography Solutions is a leading specialist in the New York area, and offers an adjuvant screening to mammography. Thermography is fully non-invasive, and should be part of your regular health check!

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During the first session, Dr. Kristine Blanche and her team take a detailed health history. This helps to form the direction of your breast health screening sessions and allows for more accurate advice and guidance.

The thermography imaging process captures thermal heat patterns across the body, providing a highly detailed thermal image. Multiple images are taken of your head, neck, chest, abdomen, and back. An annual breast health study is recommended as part of your wellness protocol. This allows any changes in thermal patterns to be closely tracked over time.

After their thermography scan, you receive a detailed report including a full set of thermal images and an interpretation of those images from a certified Medical Doctor with specialty training in thermography. Any areas of concern can thus be identified early for further evaluation.

Thermography Solutions advises that you should not be actively breastfeeding for three months prior to their thermography scan. In addition to this, they recommend waiting at least two months after any surgery or chemotherapy before proceeding with imaging, so your body can stabilize - and to allow for the most accurate baseline images.

In addition to monitoring changes in breast health, thermography can also track thermal patterns across the head, neck, chest, abdomen, and lower back. This holistic approach provides unique insights into underlying physiology and areas of inflammation. The technology is entirely non-invasive, using no radiation or compression during the painless imaging process.

A spokesperson states: "Kristine Blanche is known as a 'Prevention Partner' for her patients. She completed her Ph.D. thesis in breast thermography and is passionate about using thermography as a tool to empower her patients to focus on the prevention of disease. Her Integrative medicine practice is focused on a holistic approach to health and happiness."

Do you want to track and monitor your health more effectively? This service will give you added peace of mind!

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