The Talented Nigerian-American Afro-pop Artist DeanKelly Announces New EP to the World: The MissTape EP. Get your Headset on and Press Play

May 27, 2020

The Label Real Entertainment Denominations (R.E.D.) brings to the world stage the latest New Talented Artiste to compete with the big Artiste like David & Wizkid with his EP from DeanKelly entitled “The MissTape” available on iTunes, on Spotify, on Apple music etc on May 31. Remember to subscribe on my website for the latest updates and releases

For Afro-pop fans looking to get their hands on the latest DeanKelly album, the wait is over. Real Entertainment Denominations (R.E.D.) has announced that The MissTape will be available on May 31. Full details and links to buy the album can be found on my fan page,

Some of the most popular songs on my album include:




DeanKelly’s ‘MissTape’ Will Give You That Giddy Feeling…perfectly captivates all those feelings of lightheadedness when meeting the one for the first time, through his latest EP, ‘ The MissTape. The self- produced/self-written project sees the singer,songwriter and producer expressing his unflappable appreciation for a love interest, with tracks ‘Parole’, MonaLisa’ and ‘Wasteman’ supplying a seamlessly slick flow of Afrobeats, inspired by his Nigerian heritage. ‘Senorita’ and lead single, ‘Ogogoro’ inject boldness to the ambient trademark, where DeanKelly’s calm-and-collected vocal adding that spine tingling sensation. It goes without saying that DeanKelly’s other love interest is music. From a very young age, I hailed singer Chris Brown as a strong influence and tried My best to emulate his dance moves! I took that love to another level after listening to Colbie Caillat’s single ‘Bubbly’. Inspired by the production of Caillat’s 2009 hit, Dean’s taught himself to play the guitar. With his new songs hitting online stores in June, its sure gonna be a wonderful summer.

My first taste of commercial success came in the shape of single ‘Sexy Didi’, where I gave an electrifying performance at the Seyi Law’s Fast and Funny and Made in Nigeria.With such seductive use of vibrant soundcapes from My homeland, ‘The MissTape’ EP may be the one where the world will go weak at the knees with DeanKelly’s undeniable talent. Make your you stay up to dates on my now releases by subscribing on my website.

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