The Seattle based Exterminator company is known for its Eco-friendly Pest Removal methods at affordable Rates

May 8, 2017

AM/PM Exterminators is a family-owned, environment friendly, pest control company. They use only non-toxic pest control products so that home and business owners are left with a safe & fresh environment.Their cutting-edge technologies ensure that their client’s facilities remain pest-free in a sustainable way.

Renowned commercial pest control service providers from Seattle have announced that they will be offering effective pest control service in Seattle and surrounding areas. Known as ‘AMPM Exterminators’ the company has a team of qualified professionals capable of exterminating all kinds of harmful insects including ants, roaches, beg bugs, bees and even spiders, etc. for an effective and lasting ant control in house as well as commercial areas.

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“The process of pest location, identification, and removal is often challenging and time-consuming.” Said the spokesperson of Seattle Pest Control Service. “However, our professional team provides swift and thorough pest removal services in the Seattle King County Area.” The spokesperson added. In addition to a variety of insects, the professionals also specialize in removing termites and all kinds of rodents including rats, mice and skunks, etc. Comprising of a dedicated staff, the company is licensed, bonded, insured and is known for providing excellent customer services with free quotes and estimates.

The Seattle exterminators are also offering top class commercial pest control service and the commercial exterminators leave no spot unattended while taking action. The company is family owned and therefore, puts high value in helping families get rid of insects, particularly during this part of the year when each member of a family, particularly children are at the highest risk of an insect attack. In addition to the pest removal services, the company also cleans the dead carcass and ensures that the results are lasting.

Moreover, the safe and eco-friendly methods of pest removals and highly competitive rates make is more appealing to its clients who have shared their phenomenal experiences in their testimonials and feedback. Besides its main office in Seattle, the company also operates from Redmond, Kent, Renton and Kirkland areas and the clients, especially families of these areas have shown tremendous respect for the services they availed.

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