The Sales Boosting Video Marketing Strategies To Get Your Local Business Phone Ringing

Oct 28, 2016

Boost your local business sales and clients with the professional video marketing services tailored to create a ‘buzz’ in your local community and get you the visibility, authority and likability you need to dominate your local market.

The renowned Local Buzz Connect announced its premier and highly effective video production and marketing services tailored to help local businesses create a ‘buzz’ around their business among potential clients in their local community.

More information is available at

The Local Buzz Connect is the popular local business video marketing department of the acclaimed Cincinnati-based online marketing agency Web Marketingville, committed to helping local businesses build, establish and maintain a market dominant presence and profile in their local community.

The local business video marketing department announced its premier and proprietary video production and syndication solutions carefully developed to help local businesses easily, quickly and affordably leverage the power that professional review branding commercials wrapped in a call to action or expert interview videos with the business owner can have on their online authority, visibility and likeability.

The leading, unique and entirely personalized review branding commercials and expert interview videos developed by the renowned Local Buzz Connect team are then professionally syndicated to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and broad range of other respected social and local directories to guarantee the type of ‘buzz’ and exposure that can not only reach but also persuade potential clients in the local community.

More information on the video production and marketing solutions delivered by Local Buzz Connect and its propriety techniques and systems to deliver superior branding commercials or expert interviews and ensure they are found by costumers can be requested at 513 489-5550 or consulted on the website link provided above. An example of its proven track record creating a ‘buzz’ for local businesses is available at

The founder of Local Buzz Connect, Ken Geers, explains that “our goal is to get a business message out in its local community. We get the town talking about a business the way it wants to be talked about and get the phone ringing. We use the power of video and social directories to talk directly to potential clients, present the business as the authority and add the visual trust and likability or expert status costumers need to choose and favor our client’s business over their competitors”.

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