The Puyallup, WA Home-Care Specialists Now Offer Pool & Garden Maintenance

Aug 11, 2021

In-home care for seniors in Puyallup, Bellevue, Federal Way, and surrounding areas of Washington State are more flexible, with a range of household errands being offered by local provider Hyatt Home Care Services (206-851-5277).

Are you looking for the most flexible in-home care service for yourself or a loved one?

Federal Way, Washington-based provider of in-home care solutions Hyatt Home Care Services has expanded its range of senior care to include household errands and support.

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Focused specifically on clients located in Puyallup, Bellevue, Federal Way, and surrounding areas, the recently enhanced services add to the range of other in-home provisions from the organization.

According to statistics from the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, approximately 12 million people in the USA receive home health care services. The benefits of home-based care are numerous, not least of which is the ability for you to remain in a familiar and comfortable environment.

In-home care is becoming an increasingly popular option for those who are elderly and do not wish to relocate. However, as you get older you may be less capable of performing daily tasks around the home. Hyatt Home Care Services’ recent announcement recognizes your needs, providing you with a variety of household chores and errands in order to relieve pressure on yourself as well as your family.

The services extend to many common tasks that you may find more difficult, including cooking, cleaning, laundry, and shopping. Caregivers are also able to provide you with support for more specific requirements, such as gardening, landscaping, pool servicing, and maintenance around the home.

Hyatt Home Care Services provides 24-hour live in or hourly services, allowing you and your family to choose the level of care that is most appropriate to your needs. With the recent addition, the company further enhances the flexibility of services on offer.

In addition to household chores and errands, Hyatt Home Care Services also provide comprehensive medical, therapeutic, and personal support services. Medical management may include the provision of reminders for medication, as well as bookings and reminders for your medical appointments.

In-home therapeutic services provided include massage, speech therapy, stroke support, physiotherapy, and aesthetic treatments. Caregivers can also provide a variety of personal support services such as bathing, toileting, dressing, and grooming.

The recent announcement confirms Hyatt Home Care Services’ mission of providing flexible in-home care and support to you and your family

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