The Process of an Appointment at Charleston, WV Auto Shop, Link Automotive

Jan 19, 2021

Link Automotive in Charleston, WV shows what it’s like to have an appointment at our auto shop. From multiple ways to book an appointment, to our comfortable waiting room, and choosing which jobs you’d like performed, the process is made easy.

Link Automotive, our auto shop based in Charleston, WV offers a wide selection of different services ranging from brake repairs, to tire repairs, to tune-ups. We specialize in care for most cars, trucks, and SUVs. Today’s blog will be focused specifically on how an entire appointment at Link Automotive will go. This will cover every stage of the process; from which ways you can book an appointment to when the appointment is completed.  

There are multiple ways you can book an appointment at Link Automotive. You can schedule an appointment online using our easy online scheduling platform, or you can call our facility and speak directly to someone. Not to mention, we even take walk-ins so that if you need something fixed immediately, you can come right in to the auto shop to get that done. 

When you get to Link Automotive at the time of your appointment, there will be a friendly face to greet you at the check-in desk in our comfortable waiting room. You will then fill out a short informational form, give your keys to the desk, and then you’re good to go. The mechanics will work on your car while you relax in the waiting room, or Link Automotive can provide transportation for you if you need to go somewhere while they work. When your car is done, we will give you a goodie bag and you can be on your way. 

While vehicle maintenance can be overwhelming at times, Link Automotive strives to make our services and processes as simple as possible for everyone to use in the Charleston, WV area. Using our convenient digital vehicle inspection, we will be able to determine if all aspects of your vehicle are running smoothly. The results of the digital inspection will be shared with you online so that you can easily view the results of your vehicle and pick which jobs you would like done before the mechanic starts working. You will also receive suggested services, timeframes, and estimated costs as well. 

You can visit Link Automotive’s website at to use our easy online scheduling platform or you can call 304-915-AUTO to make an appointment at the auto shop. We also take walk-ins at our location at 312 21st Street W, Charleston, WV 25387. 

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