The Pro 5-Star Reputation Builder To Arm Local Businesses With The Ultimate Competitive Edge

Dec 8, 2016

Boost the sales of your local business with the ultimate online 5-star reputation building solution which positions your business as a market leader that can impress and attract all those potential customers and new business in your community for an incredible return on investment.

  • the pro 5 star reputation builder to arm local businesses with the ultimate comp
  • the pro 5 star reputation builder to arm local businesses with the ultimate comp

The highly popular Fort Lauderdale reputation and online marketing agency Local Ad Connection announced its video reputation marketing beta program to help local businesses establish a dominant 5 star reputation online.

More information is available at

Professional reputation management and marketing online has become a fundamental asset for small and local businesses competing for new business in today’s ‘review’ economy with 88% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations and one out of three using online video reviews for advice in their decision-making process.

The renowned Fort Lauderdale online marketing agency Local Ad Connection announced a limited beta program to help businesses establish a leading reputation online and leverage their potential for ‘positive priming’, a unique marketing technique which explains how customers enjoy a better experience if their expectations of that service are positive and will be on the lookout for things to complain if they’ve seen bad reviews beforehand.

The reputation marketing beta program by Local Ad Connection offers local and small business owners the opportunity to develop highly effective 45-60 second branding commercials shot in a Hollywood style studio with professional spokes models and prime-time animations which highlight and promote a 5 star review received by the company while positioning the business or brand as a market leader.

The Local Ad Connection review branding commercials are developed and designed to not only provide an instant edge over competitors and reach and attract potential customers when syndicated to all the major review and social directories online, from Google to Facebook or Yelp, but also improve the level of ‘positive priming’ to induce a better customer experience and establish a leading 5-star reputation growing on ‘auto-pilot’.

Free 30 minute strategy consultations and more information on the full-service online marketing agency Local Ad Connection, which has established itself as a leader in the local reputation marketing arena, along with details on its special limited reputation marketing beta program can be scheduled and requested through the website link provided above or at

The Local Ad Connection team explains that “professional reputation and brand marketing services are an absolute must for all small and local business owners in today’s local market. The internet has evolved to become a ‘review’ economy where people now look to reviews before making a purchase. A bad review can sometimes have catastrophic effects and stop many potential customers and clients from trusting and doing business with a company. In fact, customers are almost 4 times more likely to try a business with 4 stars than a business with 2 stars.”

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