The Online FileMaker Training Course To Go From Beginner To Pro Developer In 40 Hours

Jul 27, 2016

Discover the best online video training to go from a FileMaker development beginner to pro in just 40 hours with secrets and lessons shared by the awarded developer and long-time speaker at the FileMaker Developers’ Conference that created the most downloaded and highly popular free FM Starting Point.

The Richard Carlton Consulting, Inc., has announced the release of its updated FileMaker Pro 15 video course with 40 hours of dynamic and fun training by an awarded and experienced FileMaker developer on a broad range of basic, intermediate and advanced FileMaker development skills.

More information is available at

Richard Carlton Consulting, Inc., (RCC) is an acclaimed and certified consultancy company headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, providing customized database development for businesses, governments or non-profit organizations and specializing in every facet of File Maker Pro development, from PHP development to iPhone & iPad integration or video training, and more.

The business announced the release of its upgraded FileMaker Pro 15 video training course with 40 hours of content divided up in 7-12 minute videos teaching multiple basic, intermediate and advanced FileMaker development skills, from designing databases and organizing layouts or defining fields to writing scripts, relational design, security and encryption best practices or a premier walkthrough of the FM Starting Point, and more.

The FileMaker course is hosted by Richard Carlton, a renowned specialist with 26 years of experience with the FileMaker platform and a long-time speaker at the FileMaker’s Developer Conference. He is also responsible for the creation of FM Starting Point, the most downloaded free FileMaker CRM Starter Solution and has been honored with the 2015 Excellence Award from File Maker Inc. for outstanding video and product creation leading to business development.

More information on the newly announced FileMaker Pro 15 video training and a complete list of the topics & skills covered during the course along with details on multiple other FileMaker training courses provided by the RCC and Richard Carlton can be consulted on the website link provided above. In addition, a wide range of free FileMaker training or demo videos are regularly provided by the company on its YouTube channel at

Richard Carlton explains that “this video course is an opportunity to experience Richard’s dynamic and exciting teaching format, while learning all the ins and outs that are needed to know how to be successful when building and deploying a FileMaker Solution. I tried to keep the training entertaining, and not boring, with animations, diagrams and other visual elements, while also passing on some of the hard lessons I have learned over the years in my consulting business”.

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