The Eye Institute – Contact Lenses & Exam Services

Jul 30, 2022

Learn how The Eye Institute offers contact lenses and exam services

The Eye Institute - Contact Lenses & Exam Services

Contact Lenses are essential for those who may need a change from everyday glasses use. Plus, the wear and tear on glasses cause patients to buy eyeglasses repeatedly. The Eye Institute offers Contact Lenses & Exams Appointments to clients needing a change. The Eye Institute provides many bonuses when booking an appointment. Below are a few advantages.

Contact Lens Options: Staff at The Eye Institute help clients find the perfect fit for contact lenses. Options are easy to wear, affordable, and viable for most corrections. Contacts can take some getting used to, plus they aren't one size fits all; having the perfect fit is extremely important.

Contact Lens Exams: Exams include a routine analysis with a TEI Optometrist. The doctor will evaluate the corneal curvature and asses the tear film. TEI Optomertsist exams help clients receive proper care by issuing the best contact lens option. An optometrist will recommend different contact options based on each client. Recommendations include daily wear, extended wear, and disposable wear.

Backup Glasses: Having a pair of backup glasses is extremely important. During exams, an optometrist will advise carrying eyewear at all times. Doctors recommend that patients get tired of contacts or lose them, resulting in having glasses as a backup plan.

Timothy Poirier, when asked about Contact Lenses & Exams Appointments, said:

"The Eye Institute offers clients professional contact lenses and an exam. We use the best technology and services to help get you the glasses or contact you need. Each exam offers quality assurance in determining how we can better serve you and get the necessary contacts!"

Contact exams at The Eye Institute provide relief and satisfaction to those ready to try something new.

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