The Colony, TX High-Speed Commercial Fiber Optic Internet Installations

Jun 29, 2022

New to The Colony and the surrounding area, TexTech Systems is now providing high-speed structured data cabling installation services to private residences and businesses alike.

The Colony, TX High-Speed Commercial Fiber Optic Internet Installations

Whether you use the internet for leisure or for work, you are surely familiar with that dreaded spinning circle: buffering.

Slow connections plague our lives and frustrate us when we are trying to be productive, but what if I told you that no longer has to be an issue? High-speed internet is within reach, and all you need to do is contact TexTech Systems.

They are now installing home security, Ethernet, and fiber optic structured data cabling systems in The Colony and beyond!

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TexTech can install Cat5 and Cat6 cable systems to provide high-speed internet through Ethernet connection. The systems TexTech works with can increase the data transmission capabilities of any network for any purpose, although their cables work especially well for AV feeds.

The company has recently adopted fiber optic cable as one of its staples, which are all but necessary for large-scale commercial data operations. At only a slight increase in cost over traditional DSL or Ethernet connections, fiber optic data cabling can increase speeds by a factor of ten.

TexTech can increase the efficiency of large commercial operations, and in the past they have performed installation work for Amazon and Walmart distribution centers. Maintaining a robust data transmission infrastructure is essential to the function of such things, but can be exponentially helpful for smaller businesses too.

For private residences, Ethernet and fiber optic cable installations can boost internet speeds and improve access in areas that are underserved by 5G or wifi services. The company can install these systems and more, with a special focus on private centralized security systems that can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

In either the home or the office, TexTech can install TV mounts and hook them up to the requisite cabling. Their professional mounts are ideal for bars, restaurants, medical offices, and more, with the same level of quality available to private residences as well.

Stop wasting time with a slow connection or a faulty installation job when you could be enjoying the benefits of a lightning-fast hardwire connection. Contact TexTech Systems to get the job done the right way; with 20 years of experience under their belts, you aren't going to find a better option anywhere.

One customer provided the following testimonial: “I had a great experience and highly recommend using TexTech. Raul was quick to respond and very helpful throughout the process. I was looking to get two TVs wall-mounted in my new home and Raul was able to provide both wall mounts and LED strips at a great price.”

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