The BestCool™ Portable Air Conditioner Cools Your Home, Office, Dorm & More!

May 4, 2021

Cece’s Warehouse has released a new line of BestCool™ Indoor Portable Air Conditioning Systems that are a breeze to maintain and move from room to room. The units act as an air conditioner and humidifier in one convenient package.

Beat the heat with a BestCool™ Portable Air Conditioner from Cece’s warehouse! They say big things come in small packages, and the BestCool™ line of portable air conditioners are no exception!

Cool your home, office, dorm room, and more with this affordable, energy-efficient, portable air conditioner with built-in humidifier and evaporative capabilities.

The online retailer is proud to have launched their BestCool™ Portable Air Conditioner Indoor Unit along with a complimentary demonstration video. The system comes equipped with Evaporator and Humidifier features, multi-level fan settings, a remote control.

You can watch the demo video and learn more about this top-notch compact cooling system by visiting

The recently launched BestCool™Portable Air Conditioner serves to provide customers with a high quality, affordable alternative to traditional air conditioners.

The days of getting up in the middle of the night to adjust your air conditioner are a thing of the past with the BestCool™ line of indoor air conditioner systems! The remote allows you to adjust the setting and power the unit on and off from the comfort of your bed.

The BestCool™ Portable Air Conditioner features a seven litre water tank and two ice boxes for optimal cooling. The unit’s Louvres design features automatic 120° left-to-right swing motion, and manual up-down movement for the even distribution of cooled air.

The compact yet efficient indoor cooling system is easy to operate and provides quick relief from the heat. Simply fill and freeze the included ice packs before placing them in the water tank. The tank is then filled to the indicated line, and presto! The air conditioner is ready for operation.

You can adjust the fan between three settings, Normal, Natural, and Sleep, depending on the desired temperature for optimal comfort The clear window located on the front of the unit allows you to conveniently monitor the water level, so it can be replenished as needed.

The four durable swivel casters make it is easy to move the unit between rooms, while the removable, washable filters negate the need to purchase expensive replacements, making maintenance a breeze!

The BestCool™Portable Air Conditioner Cooler offers simple set-up and configuration. You can rest easy knowing the system will automatically turn off after 7.5 hours, reducing energy waste.

Cece’s Warehouse offers you a robust 24/7 customer support service to assist with any inquiries or concerns. The company provides free shipping on all orders, and ship directly from their California and New Jersey warehouses. Orders come with a 5-business day shipping guarantee, and can be tracked along the way.

To learn more about the BestCool™Portable Air Conditioner and watch the free demo video, visit and see how Cece’s Warehouse delivers on their promise to keep things cool! 

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