The Best Time To Get Vitamin D From Sunlight And The Health Benefits You Can Expect

Sep 1, 2016

Discover the latest tips and information on the best times to get the most vitamin D from sunlight safely and how you can maximize its health benefits with ‘smart’ and informed exposure to the sunshine without damaging your skin.

The popular family first aid kit manufacturer Patch Up Products LLC released a new report on the ‘Healthy Benefits of Sunshine’ with expert information, tips and guidelines on how to safely and effectively leverage the positive benefits of sunshine for optimal health and well-being.

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Patch Up Products LLC is a popular company providing the industry leading medical grade first aid Patch Up Emergency Kit as well as a broad range of free first aid resources. They offer advice and instructions on how to treat or prevent some of most common family injuries and emergency situations including valuable tips to improve overall health.

The company has announced the release of a new ‘Healthy Benefits of Sunshine’ report with specialist advice on how to maximize the health benefits of exposure to sun, including the safest and best time of day to be in the sun for natural vitamin D production along with essential sun safety guidelines to avoid any risks or damage to skin.

The newly released report provides detailed information on the benefits of regular sun exposure, without sunscreen, for a healthy immune system, disease prevention, mood elevation, sleep enhancement and general health along with how to know the optimal length of exposure or how different levels of tanning can improve or hinder the natural production of vitamin D, and more.

Additional information on the company and its leading Patch-Up First Aid Kit, with 270 items in a compact, durable and well organized bag for home or outdoors usage along with multiple first aid tips and advice can be consulted on the website link provided above. Free access to the full ‘Healthy Benefits of Sunshine’ report and its guidelines to maximize the health benefits of sunshine while ensuring optimal skin safety are available at

The Patch Products LLC explains that “we shouldn’t underestimate the power of sunshine in creating crucial health benefits. The sun is good for our health as long as we don’t burn. In fact, staying out of the sun completely is detrimental to our heath but we should be careful about the length of exposure. The guidelines to maintain sun safety and the knowledge we provide in the report will help maximize the positive and life enhancing benefits of sunshine necessary for optimal health and well-being”.

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