The Best Morristown, NJ Mental Health Therapist Helps Kids & Teens With Anxiety

Dec 1, 2022

Kids & teenagers struggling with issues like anxiety and/or depression can learn solutions that work. Concern parents need to contact Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching, Schedule an appointment today.

The Best Morristown, NJ Mental Health Therapist Helps Kids & Teens With Anxiety

Christina Chororos understands the debilitating effects anxiety and depression can cause. Having experienced them herself, she started Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching to teach her clients coping strategies that actually work.

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All over the country, teens are struggling to cope with anxiety and depression. According to, a teen takes their own life every 100 minutes in the United States. Christina Chororos is trying to help eliminate this appalling statistic.

Having begun her professional career as an advertising sales executive, Christina experienced a series of life-changing events that caused extreme bouts of depression and chronic pain and which steered the saleswoman towards a new path.

It was the darkest phase of her life, and after overcoming it, Christina opened Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching in 2018 to reach back and pull others into the light.

When medication and talk therapy aren’t enough, applicable coping strategies are often the missing piece, and these are what Christina teaches her clients. She works with teens one-on-one and designs strategies that allow them to successfully manage negative emotions and conquer destructive thought patterns.

Currently pursuing her Master’s in Social Work, Christina has already obtained her Bachelor's degree in Human Development and Education from Lynchburg University. She went on to receive an Integrative Wellness Life Coaching Certification in 2017 and is a current contributor for and iPain Living magazine.

Christina said: “When we are struggling with our mental health and physical health, it truly feels like our minds have been hijacked. I decided that a cornerstone of the curriculum would be teaching those struggling that they are in fact in control of their thoughts, actions, reactions, and behaviors.”

Kairos is a word that means the opportune time to act. Call and set your appointment with Christina today and learn effective coping strategies for anxiety and depression.

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