The Best Hygienic Wall And Ceiling Systems In The UK For A Pristine Environment With Less Cleaning

Mar 22, 2017

Discover the most hygienic wall and ceiling cladding systems in the United Kingdom to guarantee the most elegant, hard wearing and low maintenance hygienic finish for your food, health or public areas and wherever else you may require easy to clean, maintain and install walls and ceilings.

Cladding King announced the launch of a new website detailing its highly sought after and cost effective range of hard-wearing and easy to clean hygienic walls and ceilings, delivered nationwide across the UK.

More information is available at

The Cladding King is a popular hygienic cladding company based in Hull, East Yorkshire, known for providing clients across the UK with the best and most cost-effective cladding systems for healthcare or public areas and any other environments where an elegant, durable and low maintenance hygienic wall or ceiling finish is required.

The renowned hygienic cladding suppliers have now announced the launch of a new website showcasing its leading and affordable range of hygienic walls and ceilings, including its premier PVC sheets and panels which guarantee a hardwearing, chemical resistant and easy to clean, maintain and install wall or ceiling finish for any area where hygiene is paramount.

It also offers extensive information on its highly sought after vibrance and decorative panels to combine a vibrant, elegant and attractive look with a hygienic finish and its anti-microbial cladding for low temperature rooms such healthcare/pharmaceutical or food areas along with its broad range of fixings, sealants & adhesives or quick and easy to install modular cold/chill rooms.

The Cladding King team explains that “we are proud to provide one of the most cost effective ranges of hygienic walls and ceilings, which are hard wearing, easy to clean and resistant to most chemicals. Our special premier PVC sheets are perfect for environments that demand a high degree of hygiene and are subject to normal levels of traffic and/or abuse. With no need for specialist skills, our systems are also easy to cut and DIY install.” Free quotes and consultations on Cladding King's leading and cost-effective range of hygienic walls and ceilings, decorative panels, fixings, sealants & adhesives or cold/chill rooms, all available with next day or 2-3 day delivery across the UK, can be requested at 01482 291122 or through the new website at the link provided above along with details on its multiple special discount deals, brochures, informational videos and pricing charts.

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