Hull-Headquartered Cladding Company Launches Supply Services Across The United Kingdom

Apr 27, 2017

Hull hygienic wall cladding provider Cladding King announced the launch of its nationwide services. The company supplies and installs customized thermoformed PVC cladding boards in domestic and commercial facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, and kitchens. These boards are also available with an antimicrobial coating.

Hull hygienic wall cladding company Cladding King announced the launch of its nationwide, hygienic wall and hygienic ceiling cladding services. Specialised applications including, restaurants, cafes, food processing facilities, laboratories, and medical facilities.

More information about Cladding King is available at

The PVC hygienic panelling and ceiling products finds widespread use in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings such as commercial kitchens, hospitals, and educational facilities. PVC is the natural choice for these easy maintained surfaces and Cladding King provides high-quality cladding with antimicrobial properties for domestic and specialised applications.

The company supplies a range of hygienic PVC sheets, coving, skirting, wall fixings, and cladding trims. Cladding King also offers a line of industry-grade adhesives and sealants. Easy-to-use DIY kits are available to domestic and commercial customers who seek to create custom cladding for residential and commercial facilities.

Cladding King partners with international cladding suppliers, fabricators, and installers Bio-Clad and Altro Whiteroc to deliver hygienic PVC boards with and without antimicrobial coatings. The cladding installation is customised and thermoformed on-site, using heat-induced shaping to provide installations with seamless edges, accurate angles, and flawless seams to exact dimensions.

In addition to being microbe-resistant, wall and ceiling cladding from the company is resistant to impact and chemical abrasion. These properties make these customised panels easy to clean and damage-resistant during the course of normal use.

Our on-site thermoforming process helps us provide our customers with a bespoke and completely

Seamless hygienic cladding solutions. Our cladding panels for laboratories and medical facilities have been proven to inhibit the accumulation of bacteria and other pathogens."

Headquartered in the city of Hull, Cladding King provides high-quality cladding services to homes, businesses, and other facilities throughout the United Kingdom. The company offers a free quotation, next-day and 2 to 3-day delivery deadlines for materials. More information is available at the URL above.

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