The Best 100% Organic EVOO Olive Oil From California Now With Great Summer Discounts

Jul 26, 2016

Summer promotional discounts now available for a California extra virgin olive oil that is 100% natural and provides a delicate and distinctive taste ideal for an authentic Mediterranean diet and gourmet cooking or flavoring salads to wow dinner guests with a culinary journey back to the old country.

Gourmet Living recently announced that its California extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is made from Picual olives and cold extracted to provide a 100% natural product with the fresh flavor that characterizes a premier Mediterranean dining experience.

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Gourmet Living is a family owned business combining its extensive nutrition and traveling experience to provide American consumers with a broad range of premier and unique private label food products sourced from around the world - particularly the Mediterranean - focused on authentic taste and nutrition.

The company recently announced its California extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from the Picual olive, mechanically pressed and extracted using no heat to ensure a 100% organic product, conforming to International Olive Oil (IOC) standards. In particular, this includes premier fruitiness and free acidity limits of less than 0,8%, with no treatment or processing other than washing, separation and filtration.

Gourmet Living's extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is estate bottled in California and topped with nitrogen to avoid having the oil come in contact with air before opening. It is sold in 500 ml bottles and is specifically tailored to be a central component in gourmet cooking or paired with vegetables and other food products for an authentic Mediterranean diet.

This summer Gourmet Living has special pricing promotions for its California EVOO. For more information on these promotional offers click through on the following link

The owner of Gourmet Living, Sheila May, explains that “having lived in Mediterranean countries for close to 10 years, I developed a first-hand perspective on the many benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Given its versatility, rarely a day goes by when I don’t use olive oil. It is a great substitute for butter and many say that it is far healthier”.

She goes on to add that “we are thrilled to introduce a California extra virgin olive oil from the Picual olive that provides a delicate and distinctive taste to meals and wows dinner guests when paired with fresh salads or combined with any other dishes. Given its versatility and flavor, this recently harvested and reputable CA extra virgin olive oil is a great addition to any kitchen”.

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